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Sunday, January 04, 2009



Weee..its been a long time since the last time i wrote something here. OMG! Sorry guys, i just don't feel like writing if it doesn't comes from the heart.weehhh!

Well, im still here in the Philippines for those who doesn't know.haha! I've celebrated my christmas and new year here after six long years that i stayed in Italy. And....of course, holiday will not be completed if three kings will not be celebrated. Well, well...well...it's my BEERDAY!haha..

Yeah, i'm here already for quite long ha. Uhmm...long wait untill i go back to where i belong. But definitely i will.

The past year had been oh soooo fast and so quite difficult? Come on, who never had a problem last year i'll go and kiss your ass. kidding! For you information, im still here in Manila and already working. Im in the trend of the "call center hoppers".bwahaha! Im already in my second call center job since August. Well, call center is the one indemand here and quite easy to get in. Fast paced life and you can earn as much as you need money.weehhh!!!

After a long stay here if you will ask me, im still adjusting. Weather, people, food and los of things. Actually i still can't adjust with the time. oh well...

I spent the Holidays at work. Urghh! Christmas together with my new colleagues, but its really fun. Giving gifts and free food plus the double special holiday pay.haha! Same with New Year, midnight that your suppose to be jumping and having fun outside with those firecrackers in the sky. With us, were taking calls.haha! However, 2008 is finished and i still consider it a great year. Made me a better person, gave me lotsa..lotsa friends here, there and everywhere. Just one thing, i was far, far from also the people that i love from the other continent.

Life here is tough especially if you leave by yourself. But i know this year will be a good one. yeah, what is optimistic right? haha... I'll be good..i know just like how i passed those trials from 2008 it will be the same with 2009. Definitely, i'll be better and i'll be stronger. Ayt?!

It will be my BEERDAY in two days...weee! i'll make the most out of it. Absofu*$%(lutely! :) So long guys...Take care..i miss all of you! mwahugs...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:43 AM

Thursday, August 21, 2008


sometimes you think your okay...

you think that everything is doing okay.

sometimes you think that things are perfect(which will never happen)...

you think life is in favor of you...

but MOST of the time it'll lead you to disappointments.

Inhale...Exhale...take the deepest breathe and things will turn out to be fine.

Get a cup of coffee and take a cigarette.(lolz!)

Sometimes you just need to feel numb...

so you won't get affected at all.

Sometimes you just need to listen...

just keep your mouth shut.

Sometimes you just need to write it all down...

so you can express everything.

Sometimes you just can't fake it!

You just need to take it ALL out...

get a bottle of beer and LET'S DRINK TO THAT!haha...

It is always difficult for me to express what i inside of me. I don't know why! It may cause me a bad feeling but somehow i will just keep silent. Sometimes it is better to just keep it to yourself than to be misunderstood.

Oh well, tomorrow will be another day. Hope everything will be better.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
7:51 PM

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi everyone! Its been a while...

Busy?! nah..i just can't think of what to blab about after the last time i updated. And now, its been days that im itching to write something on my "poor blog". Luckily we already have the free wifi here at the clubhouse.

How's my vacation? Well, yeah im still here in the Philippines to inform everybody.haha! Im here now for 3months and 2 weeks?! boh... But definitely im still here and i still don't know how long im gonna stay here. errrr! I miss everything back there the weather since its already summer, my friends, my work?!, the way my life had been for almost 6 years. I miss the persons that is so dear to my heart, but what can i do. Life is full of wonderful things that makes us realize just once in our lives. Unexplainable things happened for unexplainable reasons. Surely, i will continue to survive and be strong.

Vacation with papi and mami here in the Philippines was really fun. Eventhough we were not able to go visit lots of places but just spending time with them and the whole family is really nice. Cooking, making our own pizza everynight and the pasta lovers are just some of the things that we've done to make our days happy together. Going here, there and everywhere...

I don't know where to start, i don't know how am i going to express it with my own words. I'm back to the place where i grew up and the place that i called my "home". Leaving it in the first time was really hard for me, i couldn't imagine myself living in another world. Fears, doubts and hesitations were the things that was kept on my mind. Untill such time, i started opening my mind again and have learned to face the reality. How come it made me think now that i came back "home", but then it seems to be my another world now?...

I tried observing people, places and how things have changed since the time i left. It's completely different now...or it was just me who have changed and have been acting so different? Maybe now i understand, now i realized. I tried to be just the same like the way i used too before, but i was wrong. I thought it will all be the same when i come back from my family, friends and the whole environment were i came from...but no!

My parents just left almost two weeks now. Now is the time for me to prove to myself that i can do it all alone. I'm living at the condo unit of my cousin with her kids. I've got no work just helping her out with her own business and looking for the kids while she's not home. The reason why i was left here in the Philippines is because i've got some little problems with my papers going back in Italy. It would be too long to tell the story and im kindah lazy to write it here.haha! Anyways, im enjoying my stay here for the meantime. We live just right infront of the clubhouse where there is the pool, the gym and the KTV available whenever you want to use it oh, and the free wifi that you can use from 8am up to 11pm. I guess this is the time for me to analyze things. I'm going to start with myself. I used to go at gym at least 3 times a week and go swimming almost everynight. Then we go hear the mass every sunday. I've got my plan A and B because we'll never know what will happen. *wink*

Summer is over and rainy days are coming. For us, its all the same.haha! It was always like raining problems here and there. That for the past 3 months it was full of happiness and at the same time full of sorrows and hatred all over. Maybe i can share it on my next posts. Things that happened so fast and those things that you could never imagine. It's like "telenovela's" here in Pinas.hekhek!

I feel a lot better now. Blogging is just an outlet for you to express your deeper feelings and to minus the burdens that you have inside.

Prayers and Faith just like what Arianne told me. Patience, being happy and being positive is a plus to make it better.

Sorry guys for not updating. I'll try to make it all up when we already have our own DSL connection at home. I miss you all. Take care all of you.mwahugs.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:09 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Happy mother's day to all the mom in the world! Thank you for giving us the best life and all the love in this world! I love you, mom.(awww!)

Weee..finally! got to update my blog already.haha! It feels like its been years since the last time i've updated.haha! Actually i was chatting with bryantot when he told that he updated his blog and i told him im going to update mine too.weehh! I got jealous eh!haha...

Im still here in the Philippines. Yes, still dealing with the VERY HOT, VERY POLLUTED Manila.lolz! But in a way im having a good time eventhough im kindah worried with some other things. I know everything will be better in time, in God's will. Thanks for all the hopes that your giving me, you all know who you are. =) God knows whats the best thing for us and what we always need. Keeping my fingers cross untill i get there. HELPPP!!!haha..

I'm still trying to find time to go meet my other friends and have fun untill i can. I MISS MILAN!!!haha...

I MISS MY DADI! =( i love you.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
7:16 PM

Friday, April 18, 2008


Hello there guys! I know, i know its been a long time since the last time i updated. Well, obviously you can already know just in the title, im HOME! After six long years! Its exactly two weeks the time we arrived here in Manila. Its really hot, SUPER HOOOOTTTT here! Yeah what can i do?!

Well, my travel from Milan to Manila was a bit horrible.haha! Milan to Singapore is really tiring, 12hours of plane ride.DANG! I got sick after 6hours in the plane. I got suffocated and vomitted many times, because we were experiencing turbulence. I really felt bad, they even called a nurse stewardess there to ask me on what's going on. Oh well.. Oh, Singapore Airlines is really good ha! If you will travel try them. They really serve good food and the stewardess are really nice.

The main event is already finished. On the 12th of April my brother got married. Congratulations to the Newlyweds!weee... Everything went good and everything went okay. We stayed at the hotel for 3 days and two nights before and after the wedding. Oh! and i even cried at the reception i mean on the program itself.haha! The emcee called me up unexpectedly and asked me what will be my message for the newlyweds. Just right when i got the microphone in my hand i started crying.haha! I cant stop my emotions, my mom and dad were at my back and they cried too and without me knowing everybody just started to cry. waahhh! I guess they know how i feel.

I still have lots of things to do though. I need to update my sites and upload lots of pics. I still need to meet most of my friends here but i guess everybody is still busy. Wehh! i hope they will find time to do that for me. I really don't know when im coming back in Italy eh.

For now, im enjoying my stay here. Im having fun with my cousins and seeing everybody in the family. We always try to bond with each other after 6 years. Its just that im sick now because of the weather, ive got colds and flu.errrr! I don't even have my voice the past days up to now. waaaaa! Oh, and even papi got sick here. =(

Anyway, i'll try to update you with the other stuff im doing here. I just don't feel like writing now. Im starting to be sooo LAZY! Sorry! =( Take care guys! I miss my dadi..waahh! =P

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:10 PM

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If you asking then I'm telling you it's yes
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I want to give you some love
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I wanna give you some good, good loving

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