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Thursday, November 30, 2006


Ola! i'm back!

Been a week since i last updated my blog. yeah, ive got this week of stress and uhmm...nevermind! Anyway, i will let you know in my next blogs. ok?!

Last saturday i have been out with my new friend, mike. He picked me up here at home then we go at the pub to meet his friends. Yep, i did get to know some new friends. =) I have a great time together with them, i met Amro an egyptian (mike's bestbud ever!), Ricardo and Francesco which are italians as well as Lucia and another girl with his boyfriend from peru i guess. They are nice and COOL!

The pub is not that big but it is a cool place. Nice place to hangout with lots of friends. Also they've got this game "calcetto", a table game type. hmm..it is soccer in a small table, whoever gets a goal will win a point. Fortunately, mike and i have lost two games.haha! but anyway, we had fun!*wink*

The highlight of the night is the "Chupito". It is rum and you can have a choice of pear or apricot juice as your chaser..hmm..i really can't remember what are the choices..hehe! You can see the pics anyway how we enjoyed the night away. With some chips and lucky strike for the boys. =D

I've dranked FIVE rounds of chupito, hehe. Don't think i got drunk, im still alright and remembered everything that happened that night. Mike got SIX to EIGHT rounds i guess, hehe! yeah..yeah..his still ok. He was able to bring me home and arrived at his home (bergamo) safely. thank God! =)

We just chill and laugh at the pub that night. Ikay was not with me because she had her own date. hehe! Well, this weekend we will gonna rock again! ahaaaa!

I really had a great time that night. It was my first time here to go out with other persons whom i dont know. I was shy at first, because im not really fluent in speaking italian so im afraid that i cannot express whatever i wanted to say. Neways, mike is with me so he helped me out.

After that, we go home. I got online and have seen my offline messages. The messages made me worried all night long, because i just knew there would be something else behind that. yeah, its true! Ok, i have to go now! I'll let you know whatever it is but it depends on my mood. =)

Buses and trains will have a strike again tomorrow, grrr! oh well, still need to work. Oh, and im gonna make my hair black. Hope it will look good on me. What you think?

Have a great weekend guys! See you soon again...take care! mwah...

**thanks for my ever supporting friends yani, ikay and mike. =) Boo, i love you so much! u know that..ill see you all soon! stay kewl and will keep on drinking?! haha...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:48 PM

Thursday, November 23, 2006

"An early blessing!"

Hello there! how are you guys? hmm... i cannot say im doing fine now but im ok. Thanks for the people who uplift my spirit and gave me support on my difficult times. I really appreciate it.

I am a bit lazy this past few days, and i dont know why. I don't want to go to work last monday "monday sickness" maybe because of what i have been feeling recently, all the depressions and stressed. Oh well, thank God and finally it's already friday tomorrow. The week is almost finished weee! i can finally take a rest. =) I can go wherever i wanted too.

I've got all this things and ideas on my mind, but i still don't know how am i going to express it by writing. Anyway, it will happen unexpectedly especially when im in the mood.

A priest came over here tonight. He is the parish priest of the church in front of our house.=) He said he came to give us an early blessing for this coming christmas. The priest uttered a prayer for guidance, love and peace. Then he blessed us with holy water. =D

Mami just got her early gift, a nice present for her birthday. She will get her papers on the day of her birthday! awww...nice, nice present! =) But with papi its the other way because her mom just died and i dont know if we will celebrate christmas. I hope so! For me, still thinking what i really like for christmas and for my birthday soon.hehe!

I'm supposed to meet yana last wednesday, but i guess where both not in the mood. hehe! I know we got lots of stories to tell. neverending stories! I still dont have any plans this coming weekend. I've got lots of things to do and wanted to accomplish. hmmm..like installing the modem on my laptop..haha! funny because last time i was about to install it on papi's pc and then BOOM! his computer exploded two times...damn! we were all shocked. And oh, ikay will not be coming over this weekend i guess because she will have a date.hehe! goodluck ikay!

Today is America's Thanksgiving Day! Boo, told me about it. =) It is the day where they eat to death. They will have turkey, potatoes, ham, salad, bread, eggs, beans, pies, cakes and lots of food. They will eat all those untill their stomach explodes..haha! just kidding! Happy Thanksgiving Day! =)

I dont have anything more to say. I better go now.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.=) take care...enjoy your friday!mwah

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:53 PM

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


I feel empty

I feel sad

I feel depressed

I feel sick!

I feel stressed

I feel wierd

I feel crazy

I feel bad

I feel hopeless

I feel so down

I feel weak

I feel like im dying!

I feel like SHIT!

I feel like HELL!

I'm falling, can anybody hold me?

Can anybody help me stand?

I HATE myself, i HATE being me!

And it sucks....

**enough said!*wink* I just don't know what to do! but i know i will be fine...i'll be fine...ill be fine!

Help me God...please!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:14 AM

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Il Marochino & d' big Xmas tree!"

Hi guys! Long time NO blog!=P Sorry i've been into some crisis this past week. I have been depressed, hopeless and stressed. Just to give you an idea.hehe! I'll write some stories maybe when i have time.*wink*

I have been busy the whole week at work and at home. I even had to work overtime last tuesday until 2am. Papi had been hospitalized for almost 2 days because of his back. It is storted, he has this "scholiosis". He needs to do some diet because he is overweight.=P Anyway, his doing good now. Back to normal and always cooking. awww!

I spend almost the whole day at home, i need to do some chores. Then i decided to go out because i wanted to see ikay. She is sick and alone. She was supposed to be in Campagnia but the party is cancelled so nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, she got sick friday and we can't go out this weekend. poor ikay! =( Well, nobody can stop us. We go out for a while and eat dinner together.hehe! We ate some mcnasties.=D

Jeng chatted to me earlier telling me she's missing me already.hehe! I told her maybe we can meet after eating dinner with ikay. I called her up and met her at the same place. So we chitchat for a while me, ikay and jeng. =D We accompanied ikay going to her house and right after that we decided to go at Iper. (our fave hangout place!=D)

See the pics? you like them? It really shows that were PIC addicts. right? haha! Jeng edited most of them, thanks! We did some of it while wayting for the bus then the others are at Iper where you can see the big, big christmas tree. =D Gosh! i just love, love the pics.hehe!

We dropped by at the Iper portello cafè. I drank "Il marochino, cioccolato al latte" instead of the usual cappucino, for a change.=P I was just curious what it taste so i tried it. It is made of coffee(lavazza) with milk, cacao on top and bits of chocolate. Sounds good right? yeah, i enjoyed it! really tastes good.

Next week i'm going to meet my yani baby, been a while since we have seen each other. I was supposed to meet her last wednesday but i'm not feeling well that time and tired. im sori yani.=( So, i'll make it up next time. Want to say thanks for mah boo, too. Always there for me to uplift my spirit, give me hopes, support and love. thanks alot and i love you.mwah!

I guess this is all for now folks! I'll be back blogging again but still depends on my mood.hehe! Take care guys! Have a good monday and good week ahead! =D mwah!!!

**thanks for tagging guys! =) and yeah, keep on tagging.hehe! =P

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:30 PM

Monday, November 13, 2006

"Cinema addicts" and a free cappucino!

Hi there! How's weekend? =) well, if you're gonna ask me hmm...i've got a great one! =D

We watched a movie last saturday "the grudge". Yesterday, me and ikay doesn't have any idea what to do. But then, we decided to go out and go shopping again. yahoo! We've been at Monte Napoleone, where you can find all the signatured shops here in Milan like D & G, Prada, Burberry, Moschino and the like. We did some window shopping, of course. hehe! Just thought how italians are so luxurious when it comes to fashion. We dropped by at D & G and i've seen a winter jacket that costs almost 800 euro.Damn! that's too much...grrr! I love D & G's accesories and underwears and maybe im gonna get one soon.haha! =D And you know what, we almost got lost because we just walk and walk around the place we did not know where to go. funny! Too good we were able to find the right way to go out of that place. whoa!

After that adventure, we have decided to go look at the cinema if there is a good movie to watch. I found out that "pirates of the carribean (Dead man's chest)" is already shown at the cinema that day. =D So, we decided to go see it. awww! I know it had been shown a long time ago in the Philippines, but what can i do. Italian sucks when it comes to films and other things alike.err! and yeah, they still have to translate it to italian so kindah confusing because it is not exactly how they meant in english. Italians are just stupid when it comes to english! Oh well, no choice! =P (im kindah rude, sorry!)

The movie is great! Jhonny Depp is really a good actor, the best! It is a fun and interesting movie to watch just like the first one. =) No doubt, you'll gonna love to watch it again the second time. hehe! Oh, i forgot to tell you about that "salty popcorn" we had last saturday. Don't worry we did not buy it again, because im not gonna pay for another 4,50euro then after i will have my kidney suffering again. haha!

Cappucinooo! i really love coffee and cappucino.=D We dropped by at the bar where jay-r is working. This will be the second time that we have seen him there.hehe! I ordered coffee for ikay and a cappucino for me.=D We stayed there for a couple of minutes, jay-r introduced us to his manager and we talked for a while. The good thing is, when i am about to pay the coffee and cappucino his manager told me that i don't have too.hehe! I insisted of paying but he said no problem it's for free! =D good manager right?!

On the way home last night, i received mami's call. She said papi was brought by the ambulance at the hospital. He can't move and walk, his back really hurts. poor papi! =( He spend the night at the hospital. Mami did not work today to accompany papi there and to know what happened. Thank God, papi is already doing fine. He was out of the hospital this afternoon and he already cooked this evening for dinner.hehe! The doctor said he needs to rest for at least 10 days. Oh well, sure he will. *wink*

Ikay will be working this weekend so it means that we will not see each other. uffa! che triste! pazienza =( Im going to miss my cinema buddy and my shoppaholic partner!hehe.=D be back soon, bukikay!

Guess, i've told you about too much of my weekend. I enjoyed alot! Wish its always weekend.haha! Just that i have spent double. *biggrin*

Got go to guys! Have a good week ahead! see yah! =)

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:22 PM

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The "two white girls" and "the grudge"

Hi guys! I've got a great time yesterday. Been to shopping, movie and had lots of fun.hehe! What a saturday life! Wish everyday is saturday! awww...

I finished my work a bit early yesterday so mami and i decided to go at our "saturday bazaar". Of course, bought some new things again! "d' shoppaholic girl!" I met ikay and go at the supermarket to buy some food stuff. We had some food tripping until today. =)

I was able to convince ikay to watch "the grudge" at the cinema!awww... We go shopping at the center first before going at the movie house. I have bought some more xmas presents. *biggrin* Then bought our tickets and ta tannn! =D We bought a bucket of popcorn. yummy! And took some pics inside the movie house.haha! "pic addicts" =)

On the way to a shop, we encounter this "two white girls"! Ikay is wearing her high heel boots and one of this girls tried kicking her feet. She ignored it the first time then after she told me that somebody is kicking her feet intentionally. I look back and see what is going on. I've seen the girl trying to kick her once more, then she got shocked when she saw me looking at her. She suddenly left ikay, and i've seen another white girl (the friend) staring badly at me. We were about to enter the shop, i took a second look with this two "white girls". The other girl stared at me another time well, if she came a bit closer to me then i bet we will be in trouble!haha! I think they are just tripping around and fortunately they have chosen "eye catching Ikay". haha! This girls pissed us off, good enough they didn't come closer because if they did i'm gonna kick their ass! haha...scary me!

The movie began at 8:15pm, turned off the lights and ta tannn! The movie started rolling. =D Ikay and me came a bit closer..haha! "stiamo vicini vicini" The movie is good, we enjoyed it alot! Some of the viewers are screaming and we did too! =D It's sooo scary! brrr... Well, you have to see it yourself and tell me how you find it! =P

Oh yeah, we ate some mcnasties last night. NO choice!*wink* And had this coffee, an american coffeeeee...a big cup of coffee! hahaha... and then the "chat addicts" can't wait to reach home. =D

Last night mami cooked some "biko" and this morning prepared some "champarado". yuummy! And finally, we will have "adobo" with rice today. weeee....Food trippin' on weekend! =D

Well, i better go now! Have a sunny day today. Perfect day to go out and go "shopping"?! hahahaha...Have a nice sunny sunday guys! keep on rockin'!*wink*

x'cess: changed my piercing last night!=D

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:28 AM

Friday, November 10, 2006


Uffa! im feeling sooo "moody" again. It started last night, i suddenly changed my mood. Well, it is but natural for me but sometimes it leads me to depression. Darn! Oh well...

I'm feeling empty and irritated. errr! I feel sooo lazy! I was watching this comedy program whick makes me laugh and it makes me feel better in a while. Honestly, i dont have anything to say for today. Just want to update my blog.hehe!

Oh, got one story to tell you . Last time, my little boy massi got an accident and today his sister my baby girl martina. Martina is one and a half years old. She is just like any other baby that is so curious about with many things. Her mother have seen her in the kitchen this afternoon sitting and choking because she was eating the detergent for washing machine! poor girl! Pamela let her vomit and have brought her immediately in the hospital. Don't worry she's ok now. Thank God! =)

Weee!!! We will be watching "The Grudge 2" tomorrow night. I've seen it in the newspaper this morning and told ikay about it. I was able to convince her to go with me at the cinema to see the movie! Yahooo!!! She will also bring some food for tomorrow, we will cook some "adobo". finally! Then if i still have time we will go look for a modem and router. I need to fix the internet here at home as soon as possible. Because for now, i'm using my phone as my modem through USB.

I better go guys, im a bit tired today. Need to prepare for work tomorrow morning. hayyy! I'll see you around! *wink*

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:12 PM

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Cloudy Wednesday!

Hi guys! If you'll gonna ask me how am i today? hmm...just fine i guess. I woke up early today and arrived at work on time. Weee! for the first time? haha. I worked half day today, that's why i love wednesdays. =P

I'm feeling a bit confused and depressed, sad and some things bothers me this morning, the reason? I don't know. Sometimes, i feel that way for no certain reasons at all. I don't know why is that. Oh well, it will pass just like what happens on most of the times.

It's cold and cloudy today. You know, when seasons change our emotions goes together with it. So yeah, we all used to change moods most of the time because the weather here is so unpredictable. Eventhough, weather forecast is precise still it can change anytime.

I've been at yana's place today. =) I bought some "kebab" and eat it as my lunch. yummy! It is known as "shawarma" . =P We chitchat, chika-chicka ever! Then, decided to go out and go at our favorite "tambayan". Of course, "Iper portello". =D Thats why we are called "d' iper girls". haha! Damn, too good i was able to resist from being a "Shoppaholic". I was about to buy another shirt and another set of...nevermind. =D

Awww! Guess what?! We did some Ice cream trippin' instead of food trippin'. =) Yana and I have bought a cone of ice cream, she got "caffe and nocciola" and i got "caffe and stracciatella". weee! Then we have also bought a piece of ice cream cake flavored "chocolate". Tastes good though, and we enjoyed alot.

It's my little boy's 5th birthday, massimo. But he met an accident along their way home, a woman have hit her by a bicycle in the side walk. poor little boy! =( i miss him soo much! Happy birthday Ferrari boy! zia richelle loves you!mwah...

The day just passed by so easily, sunset at 5 or 5:30pm. Well, it is already winter so what else to expect. Better cold than raining! And oh, i think i have some problem with my phone. I keep on recieving txt messages from boo since yesterday. You won't believe it! i've already received almost 30msgs and all are the same text from yesterday. Gosh, what is happening?! I recieve at least one in every hour. I dont know if it is my phone or its his. This happened before i continously recieve 2 or 3 msgs at one time then 4 more after. Kindah weird though!

I just finished watching the italian comedy film. Well, i really enjoyed it. LMAO! So funny and crazy! This is the fourth time im trying to finish this blog.lolz! My laptop keeps on hanging and im lucky to recover my posts. Anyway, hope this works now.*wink*

I better go guys. See you all tomorrow. =D Have a nice thursday!

X'cess: for my yani baby, take it easy. Everything will be fine and will get better soon. Just have faith, be strong and keep on holding on. He loves you! mwah...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:05 AM

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

LSS "Last Song Syndrome"

Last Song Syndrome or LSS is a song stuck in your head and you can't get enough of it. So you just sing and sing and sing it with a constant repetition.

In the words of a broken heart
It's just emotion taking me over
Caught up in sorrow
Lost in the song
But if you don't come back
Come home to me, darling
Don't you know there's nobody left in this world to hold me tight?
Don't you know there's nobody left in this world to kiss goodnight
Goodnight, goodnight

That is the song that got stuck in my head since yesterday. haha!sooo funny! It was the first song i sung this morning while running to catch the train. =) Singing it while working and walking at the street. Don't know whats with the song.

I'm there at your side,
I'm part of all the things you are
But you've got a part of someone else
You've got to find your shining star
And where are you now, now that I need you?
Tears on my pillow wherever you go
I'll cry me a river that leads to your ocean
You'll never see me fall apart

I was not able to go blogging last night, my net is not working well. I guess its my service provider, line is congested and probably has a problem. I can't even check my mail and access to other sites. Uffa! Can't leave some tag...tag lovin' to my blog buddies. =D So i just decided to watch the tv and chill. *wink*

It's over and done
But the heartache lives on inside
And who's the one you're clinging to
Instead of me tonight?

Papi just came back from Naples this morning and go directly at the hospital. Had an appointment with the doctor to see what is happening with his stomach. He said he was so tired and of course, so sad about what happened to nonna. Everybody arrived to see nonna for the last time. A bit sad though, because mami and i are not able to go with papi because we have work.

Hayyy! Stayed for almost an hour last night talking on the phone with yani baby. =) I'm jealous because she said her mom is cooking some "turon" made of apples instead of banana, so its like an apple pie.hehe!

Got nothing more to say. Im just chatting with yana and ikay right now. Boo got online for a while, he told me he can't get online after work because he will work overtime today.=( Anyway, i will just wait till tomorrow so i can finally chat with him. =)

Time for me to go! I'll see you around. Goodnight! *mwah*

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:43 PM

Sunday, November 05, 2006

"Addio Nonna!"

"Ti vogliamo bene , nonna!"

I was left by the first train that passed by, so i have no choice but to wait. I recieved a call from my mom, she was mad asking me where i am because it is already late. I said im still at the train stop waiting for the next train that will be arriving. She told me that papi (my dad) just left going at the central station to travel tonyt going in naples.

Nonna died this evening, but im not sure what is the exact time. Mami told me the story when i arrived home. She said she recieved a call earlier from papi's niece, but papi is out together with a friend. When he came home, talk to another person and decided to leave immediately. He told mami he will be getting the train that will leave Milan at 10pm then he will arrive at Naples at 8:30am. Both of them are shocked. Mami got sad and wanted to cry but she did not because she knew papi will cry, too.

While i was waiting for the damn train (half an hour), i called up papi. I said im sorry for what had happened about Nonna. Well, that is life! Everybody needs to go and leave us someday. Sad but that is how life is. We are just borrowing it from him. It's time for Nonna to leave, anyway she have lived long time here. Nonna is already 93 years old!

Two months ago when she started getting sick. She suddenly stopped eating, getting stomach aches and getting weak. But then she still manage to recover after a few days, get well and back to normal. After a month, pauletta said that nonna is getting so weak and doesnt want to eat anymore (not eating totally). Everybody are all worried about her but nonna doesnt want to hel herself.

Last week, papi have been at Naples to visit nonna. He stayed for a week there to see how things are doing around. He have seen nonna so weak and got really thin because of not eating. He said nonna can still talk and just sleep almost all day without eating.

One nyt, papi visited nonna in her bed. Nonna open her eyes and said: "chi sei?" means "who are you?" then papi answered: "e chi è? come ti chiamo io?" means "who am i? what is my name?"...nonna answered "G-Gino...ti voglio bene, sei la mia vita!" means "G-gino i love you, you are my life". Papi was crying when he is telling that story actually, i almost cried too. We are just sad because nonna had to suffer alot before she dies. Papi told me that they don't allow mercy killing here especially for the catholic ones.

We just recieved a call right now, its papi. Telling us that he is already at the train and about to leave Milan. He sounds very sad and was crying on the phone. He is the only son who grew up with her mom and was given extra care. That is why papi is so sweet and yeah, the most good looking among the family.

"Nonna, speriamo che sei felice adesso. Ti ricordi che ti vogliamo un mondo di bene! Sei sempre nella nostra cuore, grazie nonna. Addio!..."

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:47 PM

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm sorry!

I'm sorry for being so mean...
i just really love you so much!

I'm sorry for being so jealous...
because your mine!

I'm sorry for being so selfish...
i don't want to share you with others!

I'm sorry i don't want to make you sad,
I don't want to make you upset.

I'm sorry i don't want to stressed you out,
I don't want to give you pain.

I'm sorry for making you worry,
I'm sorry im just missing you so much.

I'm sorry, i'm sorry...

I just care for you that much...

I think of you so much...

I just love you so much...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:53 PM

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday adventure!

Woke up early today but still i'm late! err...

Winter season has just begun. Last night i can hear the wind outside whispering through the windows. Damn! it is really cold! Well, i got to hurry up this morning to go to work. I did my "jackie chan moves", you will not believe it. I need to run and catch the bus at the next stop and wow! i made it. =P

Just like any other day, boring. Work, work, work! Now, im not feeling well again yeah a bit sick! Maybe because of sudden change of weather.

On our way home, there is this two men who became the center of attraction inside the train! They've made some eye-catching scene, haha! Mami was really surprised of what had happened because the two guys is just beside her. They fight just because of an occupied sit. Che scemi! I have seen it with my two eyes how the other men pushed the other guy at the window of the train. So scary! Everybody thought that something serious happened with the older man. Oh well, after that they just stop by themselves.haha!

After that happening, we have heard an announcement that trains cannot cross the bridge and cannot reach their destinations. There is an accident that happened, there is a bus who blocked the railway of the train. Too good we are able to get the substitute bus immediately right after we get off the train. But soooo traffic!grrrr...

Oh well, it never leaves me. Disaster is my twin! =P

I have updated my photo album in friendster click here
, my moms wedding pics and others. You can also check my multiply site click here
. Drop by when you have time. thanks guys!

Garagow sagow! =) I'll see you guys around!mwah...

X'cess: i miss you boo! =) mwah...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:19 PM


Its a holiday today!(1st November) This date was marked red in our calendar, so that means no work, no school and a rest day.=D The sun shines almost the whole day, and it is not cold like we always expect.

Mami cooked some "biko" last night and have prepared pinoy dish this afternoon called "kalabasang may gata".ahihi. Damn so yum..yummy! After that, me and ikay have decided to go out.

In the Philippines, people used to go at the cemeteries to visit thier loved ones who have just passed away. They stay there almost a day because that will be the only time that they can spend some time for them. They will bring some snack and recreational things that could help them enjoy the day.

We've decided to go at the Duomo church to light and offer some candles. But oh well, disaster again.=P The controller there have told us that we cannot get inside because we are wearing "Short skirt". Hmpf! That is why it is called "mini skirt" right?! But anyway, to be honest our skirts is not that too short maybe the man just don't want us to go inside and the reason that i dont know.=P After that we have been at the shop nearby to look and see for some things that we can buy. I've found some christmas presents already so all i need is to get them before xmas.hehe!

Since we are not able to go inside the Duomo, we drop by at the church nearby the house of ikay. We were late for the mass but anyway we finished it. We offered and lighted candles, as well as, sending our prayers for our loved ones. =)

Were supposed to come over at yana's place but for some reason we are not able to make it. It's so damn cooollld outside. So, wiiiiiindy and seems like its going to rain. I hope not! You can hear the air outside whispering and giving the sign that it will not be a good warm night.

So, now my Holi-day is done! We had a long way to go again to reach the end of the month. Christmas is almost near!

I better go guys! see you around.mwah!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:18 AM

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6th of January 1982
Advertising Fine Arts graduate from University of Santo Thomas
"ychel", "ate ish", "bombshellot", "ychel d' bombshel", "d'bomb", "bombshy", "mija"

the self description

capricornian+ STUBBORN+ unique+ loves to paint+ love my bed+ loves to eat+ workaholic+ SHOPPAHOLIC+ loves CAMERA+ **chattaiola**+ a beach lover+ love my fone+ love my laptop+ love mah girlfriends+ a traveler+ funny+ 'freaky bad ass girl'+ moody+ weird+ Obssesive-Compulsive+ *procrastinator*+ 'adventurous gal'+ a DADIholic +

"What ychel wants, ychel gets!"

I can be the craziest girl you would ever know. I'm a real freak! PAINTING is my passion. An artist by heart♥. I love to laugh. I love to tell stories. I talk to too much. I'm an outgoing person but most of the time i chill at home and chat. I love meeting new friends. I'm sweet. I'm a cry baby. I'm sensitive at times.I love goin' to bars and dance the whole night away. I love to 'drink & get drunk'. I love lindt & babyruth chocolates.haha! I can make you laugh to death.=D I'm obsessed to Sarah Jessica Parker's "SEX and the city" TV series. I love simple things. I'm REAL!


♥GOD ♥chatting ♥talking on d' phone ♥blogging ♥staying up to wee hours in d'mornin ♥waffles w/nutella ♥sushi ♥my ipod ♥music ♥gauguin & van gogh ♥USHER ♥Bob Marley ♥loves TAZMANIAN ♥loves shoes, bags, clothes & accesories =) ♥PRINGLES =) ♥lasagne ♥fried shrimps ♥piercings & tattoos ♥coffee & cappuccino ♥ ♥RUM,TEQUILA,VODKA, COSMOPOLITAN♥ ♥PHOTOSHOP





+good health & happiness for my family.
+Victoria's secret.
+my papers.
+tickets to PHILS.
+tons of EUROS.*laughs*

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(Uh) Turn your lights down low
And pull your window curtain
Oh let the moon come shining in
Into our life again
Saying ooh, it's been a long, long time
(Long, long time)
I got this message for you girl
But it seems I was never on time
Did I wanna get through to you girl?
On time, on time (word)
I want to give you some love
I want to give you some good, good loving
(Uh, uh, right, uh)
Oh I, oh I, oh I
Yeah I want to give you some good, good loving (uh)

Turn your lights down low
(Word, word, uh, uh)
Never ever try to resist, oh no
(Na, na, na, na)
Let your love come shining in
(Na, na, na, na)
Into our lives again
(Na, na, na, na)
And ooh, I love you
(I love you, I love you)
And I want you to know right now
(Know right now)
Ooh I love you
(Uh-uh, yeah, uh)
And I want you to know right now (uh)
That I, that I
I wanna give you some love (uh, yeah)
I wanna give you some good, good loving
Oh I, oh I, oh I
I wanna give you some good, good loving (yeah uh-uh)

Loving you is a like a song I replay
Every three minutes and thirty seconds of every day (uh, uh)
And every chorus was written for us to recite (right)
Every beautiful melody of devotion every night
It's potion like this ocean that might carry me
In a wave of emotion to ask you to marry me
And every word, every second, and every third
Expresses the happiness more clearly than ever heard (uh)
And when I play them, every chord is a poem
Telling the Lord how grateful I am cause I know him (what? word)v The harmonies possess a sensation similar to your caress (uh)
If you asking then I'm telling you it's yes
Stand in love, take my hand in love, God bless (right)

[Lauryn & Bob]
I want to give you some good, good loving
I want to give you some love
I want to give you some good, good loving
Oh I, oh I, oh I
I wanna give you some good, good loving

[Lauryn (Bob)]
Good, good, good loving
(I wanna give you some good loving)


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