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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


I don't know where to begin. It is not that i don't have anything to post, it's like because i am soo LAZY to update. At the same time, im not in the mood. Sorry about that. =(

My whole day was devastated just because of what happened this morning. Was not able to do the things according to my plans that which made me feel a bit frustrated. Oh well, it happens. I tried to catch the early bus going to work so i can finish early and do other things in time. Unfortunately, the train suddenly stop in the middle of the street. "Damn!...there is no electricity to make the train move. grrrr!! what the heck?!" I can't think of anything to do but just to wait because the other train stop is too far. I want to get the alternate route but its the same. All train are in the middle of the street and all blocked. NO WAY OUT!!! dang!...

I got pissed because i will be late for work. Actually i was late for 30mins. but what can i do?! It is a chain reaction. I missed the train that i need to get at 7:50a.m. so i need to wait for the next that will arrive. So, instead of doing my work and finish it as early as i can then i have to adjust. I need to go out a bit late and everything was ruined. Hayyy..got soo frustrated. That's why when i arrived home im feeling oh soo lazy. I'm hungry but i dont want to eat. What i did is hop on my bed and sleep without putting anything on my stomach. ohh so bad! And the time i woke up its already late and my stomach is aching.hehe! Too good i have my dad who are willing to prepare and cook something for me. i'm a spoiled baby girl of her!lolz...

The truth is im just missing someone. ARIANNE!!! ....Oh well, no matter how loud i scream she can't hear me.hehe! She just arrived today in the Philippines together with her sister. She's my best bud and my little sister. She will be there for vacation and maybe for good?!lolz.. Who knows, but like i always tell her i know she will be happy there. I just miss the company, its a different thing eventhough we didn't see each other here but i know she's just around. She's not gone anyway, just a thousand miles away.

That is our last picture together with her sister, the night before their departure. Anyway, i will just tell you the stories again some other time.hehe! I miss you guys! Be back soon! =( Enjoy your vacation and have fun. Love you both.

And the following day, we celebrated gianni's feast day. Well, here it is called "onomastico" meaning it is where you derived your name from a certain saint. For italians, it is some what like celebrating a birthday. His name is "giovanni" in english it is "jhonny" and June 24 is the feast day of St. John the Baptist where he derives his name. We had some pizza that night and some fried seafoods. ohhh soo delicious!

I will post more pics on my MULTIPLY soon when i have my time.*wink*

Take care everybody and enjoy the rest of the week. Have fun! mwahugs.♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:37 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Meaningful Dreams.

I'm always wondering about my dreams, that sometimes i know they really have this meaning. I've dreamnt about FIRE, WATER & COINS just in that one night. Recently, was all about a BUS. When i woke up, i remain puzzled for what is it all about. I wanted to know if it is good or bad. So i tried searching for it and have found some interesting things.

What i've dreamnt about it, is i was in a certain place like it is a church. There were lots of people then suddenly there was this big fire with all the smoke all around. Me together with the others were falling in line going down the stairs calmly while the others are in panic and running all over the place. My dream ended up like watching the people around and by then i woke up.

"The portent of this dream varies greatly according to its details and action, so all aspects should be carefully considered, but as a general guide: A fire is an omen of impending trouble if it burned you; good news if it didn't. To observe a house or building that is on fire forecasts an urgent appeal for help from a close friend or relative. You can expect an exciting romantic adventure if you built a fire or stirred one with a poker. To dream of putting out a fire or escaping from one predicts ultimate success over all obstacles. A small, cheerful fire in a fireplace indicates contentment. A dream of setting fire to a house, building or anything of value is telling you to control your temper or be prepared for serious consequences. A roaring big fire (contained in a grate) signifies new hope after a time of discouragement."

Fire Escape

To dream of being on, or using, a fire escape is a warning to guard against stretching your credit too far.

Then after some few minutes i fall asleep and this dream followed. I was watching TV or i guess a film with somebody, but i know im together with my relatives. I stand up to drink some water. I saw a pitcher and get a glass full of water. I drank it the first time and some of it spilled out then drank the second time and the last time and spilled out some. The water is clear and not so cold but refreshing that quench my thirst.

"The meaning depends on the details and the action of your dream, but as a general guide, clear, calm water is a favorable omen, while rough or murky water signifies difficulties. A dream of drinking cold water is a sign of good luck, but throwing or spilling it on anyone indicates a need to control your temper. Hot water (unless it is appropriate to the action) portends a season of social and/or business setbacks, but running water predicts lasting happiness. A waterfall in your dream forecasts a happy rise in status and/or an imminent increase in material wealth. Gently flowing water promises contentment and peace of mind."

The significance depends on what the drink is and its condition. Water that is cloudy, dirty, warm or hot predicts a loss of money and/or status due to unfortunate circumstances; but a drink of clear, cool or cold water is a very fortunate omen for anyone, especially for students or those in academic life. To drink milk is also a happy omen of coming success. Fizzy soft drinks signify exciting happenings ahead, and any very sweet, syrupy drink predicts a passionate love affair. However, drinking from a bottle indicates an unsatisfactory romantic experience.

My dream continued that i remember i was counting some money to send to somebody. I put it on a white envelope like it was 8euro coins of 50cents. Then asked my tita to send it for me and she even told me that she will add more coins because she still got more untill i found out that it was already 10euro and the envelope was really heavy.

"The meaning of money in a dream is as variable as its meaning in conscious life. Although there is some disagreement, the general consensus is that to pay, give or lend money augurs well for all that concerns you. Receiving money is also a good omen, providing it was honestly come by; it signifies security through development of your own resources. To dream of finding money is a sign of mixed blessings; your financial success will be accompanied by disappointment in its effect. Losing money in a dream is an omen of opposites; you are likely to have a windfall. To change money (as paper for coins or large denominations for small, etc.) indicates problems created by your own carelessness in the handling of your affairs. A dream of exchanging money (as for foreign currency) means an increase in material wealth. To borrow money signifies a need to retrench and could be a warning against extravagance. To spend money prophesies an unexpected profit, and to steal it predicts an unexpected stroke of luck. To dream of counting or saving money promises personal happiness providing it was not done in a miserly way."

If the coins were counterfeit, the dream foretells a minor illness; otherwise it is a fortunate omen of unexpected gain. However, this is, in a way, a peculiar dream in that the smaller or less valuable the coins are in the dream, the greater will be your gain.

The last thing i have dreamnt of was im inside the bus riding it and doing nothing. Just im inside looking around and observing the people inside it. Did not see any familiar face but i know im safe and im going somewhere.

"Traveling by bus indicates progress toward your heart's desire; waiting for a bus signifies setbacks that will be very temporary. A bus accident predicts a period of frustration due to financial embarrassment."

There you go, what you think about it? I think i should be thankful of this dreams because i know they are very good signs for me. To continue whatever i have started and to where i am now. I just need more patience, determination and will. Continous faith and perseverance, I know whatever my heart wishes for someday soon i will have them little by little. Thanks to Him.

What about you guys? Do you have some interesting dreams like mine? share it too and i would love too. Oh, and i got these informations at SWOON.COM. if you want to check some more things about your dreams go and check it out at this site.

I don't have work today, so i just stayed home and chill. Earlier we have had a visitor and papi cooked some "linguine con polpi". Linguini is a kind of spaghetti which is flat and "polpo" is a small kind of octopus. Dang!!! it's fresh and taste ohhh soo good! hehe...

Got to talk to our lawyer too today. We talked about our legitimation papers that is in the process. I hope everything will go smooth and the processing will be fast and quick so i can have it before we go back home. Help me pray for it pleeassseee!

I better go now. Im hungry and want some "kebap", its called "shawarma" in english i think. Enjoy the rest of the week guys! take care and have fun. mwahugs♥♥♥

**Bryan a.k.a. mr imbisibol! Whats wrong?...hope your doing fine.take care.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
5:59 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I've been busy again for the past two days. I always arrive home late, i work from 8am to 8pm.hehe! No, i told you im not that too busy. =P

Last saturday, i got addicted uploading those brushes for my photoshop. Damn! i couldn't imagine thats the only thing i did the whole afternoon. But i think those things that i have uploaded will be really useful in the future especially for doing the layouts.hehe! I just stayed home with yana. I don't want to go out because im trying to save some money. Then sunday, same as usual just did some chores and stayed in front of the computer for the rest of the day. Ahhh!!! so boring...

I feel soo tired when i arrived at home so i don't have any time to update. So now, i guess i will have all the time because i don't have any extra work anymore. My schedule will be back to normal. But still it will depends on my mood.hehe!

I will post something about what i have dreamt last time, its kindah interesting i think so i would love to share it. =) I would like to say Thanks also to those who greeted my papi a happy birthday! thanks guys! =)

I have updated also my MULTIPLY SITE. Have time to visit and look at my recent uploaded photos. And as by request, Romina asked me to put my Guestbook and it was granted. I would love if you can go check it out and dont forget to leave that comment. Thanks in advance!

School just started in the Philippines and i know most of the bloggers will be getting busy. Just take it easy and have fun! Goodluck to all of you!

Oh, as far as i remember i still got one more tag to do and its from Romina. im soo sorry it takes me years to do it.hehe! i will try to post it asap.

Im starting to have some headache now, guess i need to go. Take care guys! Enjoy the rest of the week. mwahugs♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:00 PM

Friday, June 08, 2007

"No Martini, No Party!"

I was busy for the past days, because i have to attend some events outside. Last wednesday, i've visited my school, from where i studied the italian language for two years. I should be taking up the 3rd Level but i have decided not to go anymore since i have more work to do. I know two years isn't enough but i have my father who speaks italian at home so we are obliged to speak.

I was just amazed when i saw the school again. Not too much students attending now, but actually on the registration day you will see at least 300plus and most of them are Filipino. But then, as time goes by and since school starts in autumn some are getting lazy to go to school. Especially when its rainy days then followed by winter.ohh soo cold! Untill they decide not to continue anymore and just stop going to school. Kindah bad though.

I have been so affectionate with my teacher. I remember on our first day, i don't want to stay in her class because of the rumors that i have heard about her. That she teach fast and not as nice as anybody else. But then, as time goes by i'm enjoying her class and decided to stay there. I also have this very nice classmates and we always have fun every time i go to school. And that we all became so close with each other. I love going to school but i can't anymore because i have more important things to do. Anyway, i can go back there anytime i want.

That's my teacher, Michela on the picture together with me. She's lovely, sweet, very nice, patient and yeah oh soo pretty. We used to talked on the phone every now and then just to know how things going on. She's a bit busy now, because she's studying at the University and wanted to pursue her career as a real teacher. She told me she have tried teaching kids recently and she had fun. "Auguri di tante belle cose miki, a presto. ti vogliamo bene. tanti baci."

Yesterday, its my PAPI'S 59th birthday! We celebrated it outside together with papi's friend. We had some pizza, drank some wine and champagne and sang Happy birthday for him. Some were not able to make it, but anyway the dinner was good and we had fun. I know papi was happy eventhough the celebration was simple. Actually, i don't have any gift for him.hehe! But what he always say is that, as long as we are happy and were together that will be the greatest gift he will ever have for his whole life. awwww!

"Tanti Auguri papino mio!, ti vogliamo un mondo di bene!"

It's saturday once again, chillaxin' and shopping will be the best thing to do.haha! I'm sorry if i wasnt able to go on your pages the past day, don't have time. But after this im gonna start blog hoppin'. I'm gonna update my multiply (photo site) asap so you can see some more photos.

Have a nice weekend guys! take care always. mwahugs♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:49 PM

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


What you see in the image is a notice in every bus and train stop. It says that those usual train that are going on that certain part will have to reroute and will have to transfer on a bus up to its final destination.

I forgot that it will be starting today. I used to go out and catch the train at 7:05am to be exact. I ran after it but i wasn't able to get it.dang! So i have to wait for another one coming. It's really a chaos though, taking the bus then go down at a certain bus-slash-train stop and have to ride another one that will bring you to your destination.

This happens mostly in Summer season, they took the chance because most of the people in the city are in vacation. But hell, how about the ones who will be staying here?duh. What i've read on that thingy on the first time was it will take only 5 days for them to repair the road but heck! it will take them almost 3 months. Starting today up to September, err...don't know the exact date. Sigh! that means transportation during this time will be really hard. Oh well...I just hope it will be done as soon as possible and as early as expected. *cross fingers*

Actually, im just preoccupied about my work because i dont want to be late. It takes time waiting for the train then the substitute bus to come. Hay...just gonna deal with that. Just need to get used where and what will be the easiest way to reach work and home.

Up to my next story of the day.lolz!

I used to take the Metro going to work. For those who doesn't know what Metro is, it is our underground train here. It's the most accessible transportation here that is why lots of people used to use it. No traffic! The only problem is, there is always loads of people that you can't even move your hands.

Taking the Metro is a risk.haha! You know why? here are some examples...

-I used to get up early, just to take a bath so when i go out of the house i will look neat, fresh and of course i smell good. But then be careful when you go take the Metro, there are people who doesn't do the same thing like us. ok, i'll go straight to the point. They S-T-I-N-K! and they really STINK! period. am i acting soo rude? sorry. =P

-You have to be aware of your things and watch out over the people who are near to you. Because you'll never know!*wink* There were this good-looking people who will stand by your side but then after without you knowing your wallet was already gone, or maybe your cellphone or IPOD.dang! that's scary...

-Last, and since Metro in the morning has always lots of people you have to be very careful at once. You'll never know that those men or women wearing those black-formal-suits can kill you.haha! Ok, what i mean is..."Damn, somebody put a bomb in here!" Will anybody ever tell you who among them did that!

This morning i was standing against the door of the Metro. Two persons in front of me sitting and two men standing right beside me. The open window gives that air comes from the outside. Then after stopping in some station i was like "ERRRRR...What the hell is that smell?!".*looking around* I looked at the man in front of me then at my side. (talking to myself)"Aha! gotcha...it's you. your the one who put the bomb! *paksh***". Damn! i can't breath...im suffocated! ampf! In short, "that uneducated guy F-A-R-T-E-D!". He didn't even think about the people who will get poisoned by his..ampfness! Anyway, so much for the fart thingy.

I still have one more tag to be done and it is from Romina. Don't you worry i never forget about it.hehe! Yay! im off from work tomorrow! No work day for ychel. So, it will be a lazy day for me!hehe.*biggrin*

I better go now. See yah!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:11 AM

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Give me FOUR!

I've got tagged by BAM.

Housemaid (same as bam! i've been doing all the chores since i was 11.hehe! and yeah without the salary! errr...)
Production Assistant
Freelance Artist
Babysitter.haha! ( i love kids!*wink*)

Prince and ME
Along came Polly
The Sweetest thing


Sex and the City
Canale 5
Discovery Channel

Ravenna, Italy
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My bed! =)
At the BEACH!!!
HOME (Philippines...I wanna go home!)


Aha! Done.

Got tagged by the same topic by arianne so, here yah go.hehe! Safe! I still have one more pending tag from Romina. I will do it the next time im gonna post. =)

Today is holiday here. Italy is celebrating their "festa della Republicca". Im really not sure what this is but it has to do something with the Italy's republic. So i've got the chance to stay in bed untill late and then go out.

SHOPPING! SHOPPING! this what really makes my day.*biggrin* I go out with my mom this afternoon eventhough were having some bad weather. Just exactly when we go out of the house it started raining but nothing can't stop me! It's been three weeks since the last time i went out and go shopping.hehe! So, im really excited to go out and see what i can buy. Well, shopping while raining is just perfect and worth. I have bought lots of things for myself, my mom and a friend. =) The day just went good inspite of the bad weather.

Oh, for Tina, my parents are doing good. They still have to wait for thier scheduled date on when they are going to have the operation. But papi, sometimes or most of the time doesn't feel well. It is because of the medicines he is taking. Oh well, need more patience then after everything will be back to normal. Just pray for the successful operation of both of my parents, soon. thanks! =)

I'm not sure if im done hopping. haha! I have lots of links, thats why. =P I still have one more pending tag then some links to add. I'll do it asap. And thanks for those who always visit, tag and comment.hehe! if there is any.lolz!

Take care guys! Have a good Sunday...mwahugs.♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:36 PM

Friday, June 01, 2007


Weeee!!!! Finally after 10 long years i was able to update.haha!*biggrin*

I'M BACK!!! I missed my blog...i missed the blogosphere and damn! i miss you all!...I've got lots of pending tags and some people that i need to add on my link. Don't worry guys, just wait and i will do everything little by little.

This will be a quick post because it took me long doing my new layout. And now, im tired!hehe. I'm supposed to have my new layout 2 days ago but then i still have to finish some things. Then i got sick for a day and yeah my computer was almost at risk. But thank God! everything was back to normal, i hope. I need to scan all my files, reconfigurate it and do the defragment. It took me almost 6hours doing the defragment but at least something improved on my laptop! Whoa...

I will do my pending tags tomorrow. im so tired for now and im gonna hop on your pages. PROMISE!!! because...IM BACK!!!yay!!!

Have a nice day guys! Take care. mwahugs ♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:41 AM

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