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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Fresh air in the morning and the sun is up as early as 7am. I love that breeze...i love that white sand...i love the wind that goes through my skin and make my hair fly away...I miss the voices around..It still lingers in my memories. I'm missing the beach...I miss the whole of it.

I can say im still having those hangover from my vacation. A week of fun and laughters with my sister and other new friends. Spending the whole day at the beach with those lovely kids. Playing, running, singing and joking. Eating our favorite ice cream and flavored iced coffee espresso. How i wish i can come back again...how much i wanted to be there again.

Oh well, i have to accept the fact that im back here in Milan and have to work. Stresssssss.... errr! that is what i get here but anyway i've already enjoyed and have fun. Too much of it will be bad, so i think i need to balance. Honestly, i really have to work again.haha! The first reason? I don't have any money anymore.lolz! Going on vacation make you spend double, but like what they say "Its the happiness that you can't pay." So, i'm back here to work again and then have a weekend vacation after a week. I still have plans of going out of town eventhough it costs me lot. Summer came once in a year so i need to be sure that i make the most out of it. Traveling, going at the beach and spending time with my other cousins and friends. Is it possible to have summer the whole year? ^_^

Ahh...too much of it. Enough! I have other things here to do and deal with. Papi was sent home today from the hospital. Thank goodness! I missed him for a week but anyway we have our first dinner tonight. We've had "spaghetti di mare", it is made of tomato sauce with fish, small octopus, squid and shrimp. Damn! it was really yummy!

Im really sad this morning and was really frustrated. My laptop was having problems since last week. It turns off by itself. The first thing i thought was the plug or the electric socket. I tried to turn on it again, it did but it turned off again. That is when i started to be preoccupied with it. Then it happen again and again. I told myself that as soon as i get here in Milan i will go at the shop and talk with the technician. I did it yesterday, Monday. He told me that my laptop doesn't have any big problem. It is just overheating from time to time then the fan stops from running so it turns off itself. He let me buy that cooling pad for my laptop. I need to put it under and it will maintain the right temperature of the laptop and will prevent it from overheating. Oh well, i think its not working. Still happening the same thing. =( I tried calling the technician again but they have gone for their vacation already and i will have to see him on September. sooo damn frustrating. I still have the warranty of it but it will took me long because i need to do something online and send it then wait for their call and send my laptop to the maker. Dang! i can't take it! No way!!! If you have the same problem before could you tell me what could really be the real problem of it. Puhhhleaasseee! Let me know and leave me a comment. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

I will have to start saving all the files so at least if ever worst comes to worst i have them all saved and safe. I just hope that the problem isn't that really big. I need to work on it little by little as long as i can. Wish me luck! lolz.

I was a bit stressed today. But with all those...only one thing can make me feel a really better. SHOPPING!!! hehe... Mami asked me to go at the bank later this afternoon, but instead of going there first i tried to visit the shops first. Were on a summer sale from July to first week of September. I go around and drop by at the shops that i mostly visit. I ended up buying three shirts a gray tube, one pink top and another black one. hehe! I got inlove with the bag on display at the other shop, but i go out late and they closed at 7.30pm. So i have to wait untill tomorrow to buy it.haha! I like it..i mean i love it! Im going to buy it, it is on sale! awww...

My apology for not dropping by on your pages untill this moment. Im not feeling well just the other day. Maybe it is the weather here or maybe because of not doing the right diet. I will go through your pages as soon as possible. Thanks for those who left the comments and for greeting my boo. Thanks soo much. He wanted to thank all of you and says God bless you all. =)

I better go for now. I will have to update things little by little and maybe i will have my new layouts. wow! i cant wait.haha! Take care all of you guys! I miss all your blogs. Love y'all.mwahugs...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:13 PM

Saturday, July 28, 2007


I thought i just need a very quick post. Nothing really much happening for the past days. Of course, were always at the beach and yeah don't ask me how much i got "DARK" already. I'm just enjoying my remaining days here, which im not sure when im going back again.

It's Boo's 30th birthday yesterday. haha! I talked to him and said i should not mention the "30th" because it just shows his getting old. lolz! I hope he will not see this post.hahaha. Which is very impossible because i will even tell him to look at this one. Anyway, age is not that important because i know his getting old by his age but not his heart.awww! And for the last time, im wishing you all the best. All the happiness, success, good health for you and your family and most of all love...love and more love. haha! God bless you always and also your family. You've reached this far and i know you'll gonna succeed more. You know i will be just here for you no matter what. You take care always and i love you. Look what martina did for you. Your Italian family wants to extend their greetings for you and oh the whole family of mine. =P Hope you like it.

Martina got that paper early in the morning and called me up like she is telling me to take a pic of her for real. So there you go, she pose and put it in place on her own. So sweet.haha.

About my dad, he has been operated once again. His doing fine but still in the hospital. He had been operated again for the third time in his heart, this time they have to control it and observe to know what is really going on. If ever he will have to come back again and need to be operated again. hayyy!!! I feel soo sad about this things. Just hearing papi that his not feeling well, the feeling is double. I know his really trying to recover and trying to be strong just for us. I hope everything will be ok and will be back to normal again. Oh God help me please! T_T

Guys, im sorry if i can't blog hop for a while. My net is slow because im using just my phone as my modem and all. I will make it up to all of you. Thanks for always visiting and dropping love
and concern. Thanks a lot guys! I miss you all. I love you guys...mwahugs.

I will update my photosite soon. Tomorrow i will be back to Milano again and gonna start working once more. Hayyy! One week just passed, anyway i've enjoyed here and have fun with my sister and the kids. Oh, last night we have seen a fashion show.

Damn! there was this guy...gah!oh soo HOT!!!....He really look..ahhh!! SOO HOTT!!!hahaha...I have to go now, were off to the beach once again. =) I look like ohhh sooo NEGRA!!! Have a nice weekend guys. Take care..love y'all.mwahugs.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:42 AM

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Let's start with the BAD news. My papi is in the hospital once again, he is not feeling well most of the time. The doctor said that the operation is all good but there is something that makes him feel that way. He used to have headache and then makes him feel dizzy. The pain will start from his neck going down to his left arm and finally up to his right leg. He still got a mark on his right leg from the operation that most of the time, when he moves and walk a bit he feels nothing. Like it is a bit paralyzed or something. Kindah sad to know about it, because for now i cant do anything. I'm here at my vacation enjoying and having fun while my father is in the hospital again. He won't allow me to go back in Milan just to see him and spend the rest of my vacation. He wants me to have fun with my sister and the family thats why he sent me here eventhough im alone. I still have to wait untill my mom tells me all about the examinations papi had to go through. Im also kindah preoccupied about mami, because she's all alone at home. We were all in different places at the same time. Im here at Ravenna, my father is in the hospital and my mom stays at home alone. All i can do is to pray for my father and be healthy again.

At the other part of my life, im still here at Ravenna. Spending my one week vacation and enjoying it to the fullest. I've been at the beach twice and oh yeah...im really getting dark! ahaha. But thats the real color of a pinay so just deal with it. Im enjoying my stay here, eventhough everymorning the kids wakes me up soo early like 8:30am. Its still early right? Then i have to prepare going at the beach or if not we have to go in another place. Last night we go out and have some walk at the center. We had some ice cream and milk shake made of ice cream.hehe! Oh, and im still having the diarrhea for now. Hope it will stop as soon as possible. Besides that im having some sunburn but not that so painful like the first time.

I have met lots of people here. Ale's family(pami's husband) and then pami's friends, that we used to see around the beach and outside the house. I also met lots of new playmates.haha! I love kids and i love spending time with them and playing. Just like running and making fun with them makes me happy. They all call me "zia" meaning "aunt" in english, calling me that way will be easier for them and pami told me that is almost a tradition. It's windy today at the beach and the waves are really big. So i just stayed in my chair and chill with some kids. Have been at the swimming pool for half an hour then enough.

The very "GOOD" news was, the lawyer have been at the hospital the other day and have brought the documents to be signed by papi. He told me that he already signed all the papers that should be needed for the processing of the documents. Damn! i think it is really geeting near.awwww! And my sister was also happy to extend to me the great news. She said that in time, finally, i will be a real and legimated child of papi. I will be officially one of the part of the family. But anyway, she also say that eventhough without those papers we are already accepted but just to follow the rules then we have to do this. That is sooo sweet!

I just finished watching the Transformers. It's nice though i did not really understand it because it was in italian. It is really different when you really knows the language. Tomorrow, we will not be going at the beach. We have to go out and do some other things. Guess what?!!! hahhaha..yay!!! SHOPPING!!! awww..Oh i have also done my new henna tattoo. One in my ankle and the other one is at my back. I'll post again all the pics in my MULTIPLY SITE.

Sorry for not hopping on your pages for the meantime. Im a bit busy and my net was slow. Oh, i want to ask for your prayers again. Thanks alot guys! Take care and love y'all.mwahugs..

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:47 PM

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Yay! After a waiting almost a year...Now, i really feel that its already summer time.haha! We have been at the beach yesterday, from 11am to 5:30pm.haha!*biggrin* First day of my official vacation and my sister wake me up at around 9am..ahuhu! early...anyway, its because they need to go out for a while. Nobody will have to look for the kids, so she asked me if i can look for them for the meantime. Its ok, i love my niece and nephew they are oh soo lovely.

I chat and check my mails for a while then called mami and papi to know how is milano doing.hehe! They told me that it was really hot in there..ahaha! Its hot everywhere.lolz! Then when pami and ale arrived home we prepared and get ready for the beach.awww!The day was really great and of course, the sun. It is a bit bit cloudy in the morning when we go out of the house. Then later in the afternoon, damn! the sun is SHINING!!! But before we finally reach the beach we have to go pass by at pami's friend first.

Wow!!! And have seen that place again after a year. The beach chairs, the white sand, the waves and the sun shining that will really burn your feet. The kids immediately run in the water and damn...the water is really cold and also with the wind around the place. Really hot but it was really a great day to go out and get tan!haha.. They are my niece and my nephew, named Massimo and Martina. They are so lovely yet oh soo tremendous kids.haha! But they are soo sweet.

Well, if you'll gonna ask me about how is my color now.haha! Damn, i just love the beach and i love the sun and the water so...I'm oh sooo getting dark again. And my sister is kindah pissed about it.haha! She told me that why is it i've already got this color to think that i've never been at the beach the whole year but just now. Even her other friends, ehehe..anyway, us filipinos just have the dark complexion so our skin gets dark easily. Ahaha, i know i have the guts to wear that two piece. Oh well, i dont care about my big tummy.*biggrin* Together with me is pami and her friend with the kids playing.

Sunday, im soo busy the whole day. I woke up as early as 6am because, i need to attend the mass. I have to go and witness the baptism of my tita's baby. Her name is Alyssa Donna, and shes only 3months old. Im so honored, i didn't know that somebody trust me and know how i am really to be one of the godmother of the baby. =)

In the afternoon, we have to attend the celebration of the baptism. So we went at the restaurant to eat and take some more pictures together with the baby. And of course to recognize the Godmothers and Godfathers. Oh, the food was great! Its quite long since i've been able to eat pinoy foods. So, i've tasted a bit of everything.yummy!

At around 5:30pm, we left the house to go at the central station. I will have to leave for Ravenna for my one week vacation as what i've written in the last post. Mami and Papi accompanied me because i've got lots of things to bring.hehe! I got the ticket and the train is leaving at 7pm. They said their last goodbyes and left me alone and wave outside my window.(just like in the movies ha?!) Need 1hour and 45minutes to reach Bologna and there pami will pick me up by car. Arrived at Bologna at around 8:45pm and ale(pami's husband) helped me in by baggage. We left the station and have to travel an hour to finally reach home.

I've had fun at the beach, i've met some of pami's friends. It was really nice knowing them. They don't treat me like other people. I played with the kids the whole day and now im SUNBURNED!!! damn!!! my back and my shoulders were really TOASTED! ahahaha...It's ok anyway, i love my color..better than looking pale. lolz!

For today, no beach for the meantime.hihi! It is cloudy here anyway so we will be back again tomorrow. They say it will be really "HOOOOTT" tomorrow. It will be like 40degrees outside. Gosh! i can't...oh no i can't! My skin will get totally burned if ever. I will just stay under the umbrella and sleep.haha!

Maybe if it will not rain until later we will be going out for a while to go at the center to do some SHOPPING?!!! huwaaawww!*biggrin* Then after we will treat the kids an ice creaammm! awwww..O_O

I will try to hop on your pages as soon as i can, or when i have time. And thanks for those who used to visit my page. Thank yah! The other photos will be uploaded at my other site, MULTIPLY SITE. I'll try to post everything because i'm just using my phone connecting as my internet.

This are my updates for the meantime. I'll post more whenever i have time. thanks guys. Take care guys! Have a good week ahead of you! Love y'all!mwahugs...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:37 AM

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Yay!!! Time for me to go on vacation...FINALLY!!! After some months of stress and hard work, finally its time for me to take a break!awwww..

You've heard it right, im going out for a vacation for one whole week! weeee... This time i'm going to travel alone. My parents cannot go with me for a while because both of them have just got operated.

I'm going at Ravenna, i will be staying at my step sister's house which is near the beach. awww! I'm gonna be one of the beach babes for a while. ahaha! I'll let you see what i look like after sunbathing for 3hours. Oh..i hope you won't get scared.haha! I'm gonna be really dark im sure. Anyway, it doesn't matter at all, as long as im enjoying my vacation, the beach and being together with my step sis and the kids. It would be lot of fun!

I think everything would be exciting to think that i will have to travel alone all the way then if they will not go on the weekend then i will have to go back again on my own.haha! Anyway im already old to do that.lolz! Maybe because im used to travel having somebody with me. Well, time to change.

I'm kindah excited, eventhough im not sure what im goin to do there and where are the places that we will have to go. But for me, just being together with my little cute niece and nephew will be all fun. And being free from stress...damn! far from worries and everything..ahh! oh soo relaxing.

On sunday, i will have to go to a Baptism. I was chosen to be one of the Godmothers.aww! Then in the afternoon is the celebration. And i hope i can leave at night, so i cont have to travel early in the morning on monday and waste half of the day. Because they say that there will have a strike of all trains from saturday 9pm untill sunday 9pm. Thats why i'm praying so deep, "pleasseee, cancel the strike so i can leave...pleaseee." haha.lolz!

Latest update is Papi is at home already. yay!!! Finally he was sent home by the doctor and his doing ok. Thank God! and thanks to all of you who offered the prayers. Thanks a lot!

After my one whole week vacation, i have to go back to work of course. But then after two weeks i will have to travel again. My tita is inviting me to stay with her even just for 3days. It is in Forte dei Marmi. I have not been there before so we will see what is up there. I know they also have beaches there.haha! I will be a real negra this summer but anyway doesnt matter to me because thats the trend here on summer days.haha!

Don't worry i will still update because im going to bring my boyfriend with me.haha! What im talking about is my laptop. Just can't live without it.

So, untill to my next post. Tell you much stories soon. Take care guys, and have a great weekend! love y'all!mwahugs..

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:06 AM

Thursday, July 19, 2007


As what i have promised im going to post something about my first summer happening. So here yah go...Gosh! i really had sooo much fun. It's my first time to go out alone i mean together with my italian family. =) I used to go with them but with my papi and mami but then this time, im all alone. So i've got no choice.haha! I need to speak just italian and no tagalog or english for a day. Also they speak another dialect called "napoletano", anyway i understand a bit of it now so its ok. I've learned some expressions and words and on how they act so i can understand more and better not like before. This post will be most likely a photoblog.hehe! I will have to show you some of the photos and then the others will be posted on my MULTIPLY SITE.

We've been at the place called "MINITALIA". It is a place where you can see the whole Italy in a miniature type. You will have to go ride a small boat around the place to see its overview. After you will have to go to actually see the different places or famous tourists spot here in Italy. Like Milan, Sicily, Sardigna, Florence, Naples, Rome, Turin, Tuscany, Bologna, Venice and other beautiful places here.

Other than having this miniature place they also have their mini-amusement park. Where of course you can see lots of different rides. Like the Galleon of the Pirates, were me and my cousins have ridden i think for 5 times or more.haha! I know its funny but it was fun its like im inside a baby's cradle.lolz!

The first ride we have riden is the small log..they call it "tronky". I go there with uncle aldo(papi's bro) and pamela(my step sister) as you can see in the photo. Its just small and not too high so it doesnt really make me scared.lolz! The other one is a bit high, but oh well still im not afraid of it though. haha!
Then the other pic is with im together with my other cousins named loredana and stefania(they are sisters). They told us we are wierd and so crazy. We have riden on it for 3 times i think just to do the pictures and make fun of it. haha!

I still want to show you some but its not good to put the pics here. Anyway i will post it on my photosite, so if you want to see more then just go and visit my multiply.*biggrin* We have riden also the roller coaster, but its not really high though. We rode it for 2 consecutive times then another time.haha! I'm not scared of it but instead i got bruises on it after a day. Because of the the impact and too fast. Anyway, i enjoyed it.haha!

Then the other one is what they call the "sky tower". It's 51meters high. It will go up slowly untill it reaches the very top of the tower. Then "fwooom", it will go down very fast like 3seconds and your already down from the top.haha! It's crazy...you will see almost the whole park on the top then suddenly it seems you lose your heart for 3seconds. But damn! the feeling is oh soo good! =D Last year i have tried also the other one from the other amusement park. It's much higher, like 60meters. I tried both tower, one going up slowly then down for 3seconds and then the other tower will pull you up for 3seconds then will go down slowly.haha! Both are great..damn great!

The last thing we visited is the Aquarium. Obviously, you know what they have in there.haha! They've got piranhas and oh nemo was there and a small shark too. They also got the reptile section. Damn! snakes are really big and scary. There are some of them that is very dangerous. So, imagine that what if one of them escaped on their own cages. Gossshhh!

There you go, i wish i could go out with them again. It was really fun and a day full of laughter. I also got the chance to see my niece and nephew. And the whole crazy gang.haha!

As for other updates, papi is still in the hospital but then i hope he will be going out by tomorrow or at least by friday. Oh please, i hope and i pray. Pleaseeee! Everything is doing good with him now and i hope he will be healthy continously from now on.

Thanks for the drop guys. Thanks for the comments, for those sweet comments and the tags. I know some of you were really busy regarding school. I wish you all goodluck and have fun always. Enjoy!

I better go now. I think i still have to update my multiply.haha! Take care guys. Love y'all!mwahugs..

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:10 AM

Monday, July 16, 2007


I've got sleepless nights the past days. I don't know whats going on. Maybe it's just the weather because summer had just started and its really getting hot. It started from the first week of July were i started to get worried about my parents. Both of them have to undergo operations, but anyway they just did. You can just read it on my previous posts.

Mami is ok. She still have to rest and recover from what she have had. She still have to heal from the pain and the operated part from her body which makes her difficult to move. Still feel uneasy and sometimes having headaches. Anyway, what is important is she's at home now and can rest as long as she wants.

I was late this morning. I'm supposed to wake up at 6am but then i slept from my alarm. I did not hear it rang. Since mami knew what time i go to work she tried calling me up and told me it's already 6:45am. Damn!!! I really overslept... Thank goodness...i still was able to make it to work. I was late for 15mins. so not a big thing. Bus was on time and as well as the train. geeee, thanks!

I felt a bit heavy, but not feeling like lazy. A sudden attack of boredom and a bit of depression which i felt the past few days too. It passes by itself, but it comes back maybe because im missing somebody and wants a company. Then all this things that is going on around me. Both parents at the hospital and getting stressed from work. One of the reasons why i don't blog that much. I don't want to write something that is too emotional and be ambiguous about it.

Late this afternoon, mami called me up. Saying papi got an attack. I have just said on my previous post that papi got operated again at heart and plus his veins connecting through his throat. Like the first operation he have had, since his a diabetic he got an allergy. He can't take normal medicines like others, that doctors need to control on what to give him. For the second time around, it happened again. After the operation was done he immediately got it. They gave this medicine to control the allergy but giving him another effect, which makes his blood sugar too high. And he has to suffer about it.

After eating lunch, he was sitting at the table and started feeling bad. Sweating and his feeling dizzy. He can't move anymore like he doesn't have any force. His roomates called the doctor immediately and they attented him right away. He got a measure of 460 from his blood sugar that's why he suddenly felt that way. They gave him oxygen and put a monitoring gadget in his body which they are able to control his actions from time to time. So they will know if there is something wrong with him. Actually, i have not seen it mami just told me what happened. Papi said it also happened to him once when he was at the rehabilitation.They also gave him a shot of insulin, which will help him to feel better. I felt bad hearing about that news, but whats important is his doing good before i left him this night.

After work i go directly at the hospital. I want to see papi and to know how he is doing. The doctors was visiting him when i arrived then after i hugged him and gave him a kiss. He said his feeling a bit better and i dont have to worry about it. We stayed there with him until he finished his dinner. So now, we still dont know when his going out of the hospital. But anyway, hope he feels better and recover as soon as he can.

mija: Gud am boo! papi got an attack after eating lunch. 2 high his sugar,dn inject an insulin. and im still hir almost dying at work.hayyy..can i just die?! tc. lov u.

boo: No mija u cant die. U have to go be with gino. Ur his inspiration to survive. Be strong mija. Lov u. Mwah.


Hayy...what would be my life be if there would be nobody like him that reminds me about this things. His the only person i used to text when i feel bad and whenever i feel like im down. But then he never fails to remind me of good things and tell me those words that can help me gain my hopes. Always there to support and care for me, not only me but also for my family. Thanks boo...thanks soo much. I dont know what to do if your not gonna be around. And if ever, i will always be here for you too no matter what. Thanks once again.

I always do this whenever i write a post, thanking my good friends...my very lovable blogfriends for all the support and kind words. Thanks for the comments, you always touches my heart. You make me feel happy and blessed just having you all guys. Thanks a lot..and im just a click away whenever you needs me too.

Too much for a Monday, soo much to start the week for me. Well, i have to deal with it. This is life! Eventhough every "DAY" would be full of stress, bad feelings and depressions i have to go on and battle. Not easy and will never be easy! But i need to move on...

I'm sorry for not posting something interesting or something happy for the meantime. I know you all understand how i feel. I promised to tell you about my first summer outing, dont worry i have not forgotten about it. I will as soon as everything turns to be ok. I'll keep my word.

I need to go now. Oh...i still have my bruises from my falling at the chair. I still feel my bones in pain and my back and hips still hurts. I still feel those after-falling-effects. lolz! But im doing ok, nothing to worry about. =)

Take care everybody! my apology if i can't go through all your pages, but i will promise. Love y'all!mwahugs... Have a good week ahead of you too!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:55 PM

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Just a week ago, mami had been operated and now its papi's turn. Papi was called by the hospital yesterday and had been scheduled today for the operation. Early morning at around 7:45am he called up and was saying he is already preparing for the operation. Then i say my byebye and told him to stay calm and take care and gonna see him in the afternoon. For those who doesn't know about papi's health problem, he has to undergo an operation because a vein or artery that connects through his heart and neck is close that makes him difficult to breath. Also will give other complications for his heart to malfunction.

I go to work and was a bit worried about papi because i know he will have a major operation. It's dangerous though. At around 11:45am i called up mami and was asking how was papi's operation. I heard papi's voice and saying "ciao bimba mia..."(hi my little girl...). I got shocked though and asked him if he already did the operation. He told me that they did not let him do the operation. They say papi has a small collar meaning his neck isn't that long to be operated. It will be difficult for them to do it and it will be alot of work and pain for papi if they did. Also the doctor told him that the medicine he was taking for this is not that strong. The medicine might help with it so they say they will just give it to papi and we will see what happens after.

After work, i go directly at the hospital to see papi. He explained to me that we still have to wait untill they are ready to do the operation or maybe not. So we still remain worried and everything because i thought it will all be finished today. We go home and told papi we will just come back after 5pm to see him again.

Well, when we come back at the hospital once again we have seen papi with all this apparatus on his arm. He was smiling and saying: "adesso tutto a posto, stato già operato e sto bene."(everything is ok now, ive already been operated and im ok.). I can't believe it, after two hours just right after we left him he was called by at the operating room and was brought there.

He did another cardiogram were they put something at papi's heart to open the blocked vein or artery. He did it just a few months ago. But the doctor said it was starting to close again so they have to do it again. Then after that, they proceed on doing papi's blocked vein or artery in the throat. The operation was successful. Doesn't need to open papi's neck just to unblock it. They were able to pump and remove the closed vein. yay!!! The doctor gave him lots of compliments after the operation saying :"sei un paziente meraviglioso e stupendo."(ur one of a kind patient, ur amazing and wonderful). He said papi was so calm and didn't gave them any problem while the operation is going on and wishes that every patient is like him. hehe!

Now, everything is ok. I want to thank every one of you who have offered their prayers and have given me support. Thanks guys and maybe someday i will also return this favor to all of you. Thanks so much and God bless you all. Special thanks to Boo for all the prayers, the support and the love your giving me and my family. God bless you and your family too.

Well, got a short story for you. Yesterday, i was at work i was trying to get something which is a bit high. I got a chair and stood up there. And BOOM!!! i fell down on the chair and found myself at the ground. =( I'm so lazy to get the ladder so this is what i got. Damn! i got bruise in my arm, hurt my back and my shoulder, also my hips and my buttocks. It really hurts though, and now a part of my left arm is swollen and really feeling the pain now. I know im stupid, should have not use that chair. But i got out of balance thats why...but anyway, im still stupid. waaaa... And now im suffering from pain. Oh well... About mami, she is doing fine and starting to really recover and yeah im still doing most of the chores at home. Anyway, for me as long as they are healthy and in good condition that is what really matters.

I still owe you guys...i will go bloghoppin later. And i still got to tell you some story about my first summer outing with my cousins. I should..i mean i must do it immediately before i forgot it once more.haha!

Thanks again to all of you...have a wonderful weekend. Take care always. love you all.mwahugs.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:13 PM

Sunday, July 08, 2007



Thanks..thanks for all the prayers you've offered for my mom. I really appreciate it. Eventhough they say that the operation isn't that "major" or that dangerous still you can never say whatever his plan.

Mami was sent home by his doctor yesterday. She doesn't need to stay there that long because she's doing well. Just that she's still feeling some pain from the operation she have had, but mami is doing fine.

Tomorrow she will have to go back at the hospital. They will have to remove the stapler-like-thingy on mami's operated area. That's the new thing they've got nowadays. They dont have to make some stitch on the operation but they will put this metal, the stapler-like-thingy. It will just close the operated area and then when it heals they will just remove it.

For 4 days i was like "ychel in the morning, Mami like in the evening". Kindah hard though. I have to do all the chores my chores and mami's chores. errrr! I have to think not only of myself but also papi. I have to prepare his medicine and things at night and in the morning before i go to work. I need to do the ironing and laundry for some days that mami was not here.

Well, the important thing is I SURVIVE! yay!!hehe. For now, i still have to help mami with some other things. She still needs to rest for one week before she can finally do the usual things she used too.

I'm sorry for not updating that long. Anyways, i'll make it up to you guys. I was out yesterday together with my italian cousins. Gosh!!! i really had SOOOO MUCH fun! I enjoy too much with my CRAZY cousins. I will tell you the story on my next post and will also post some pictures here. Take care always. Love you all!

Have a great week ahead guys!mwahugs...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
7:45 PM

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

LIFE w/out M-A-M-I.

Today, mami was admitted at the hospital. We accompanied her to see where will be her room and help her to arrange everything in the hospital. The nurse told us that she will have the operation tomorrow early morning around 8 to 8:30am.

Before we left the hospital, the nurse brought her food. Damn! i got shocked mami will have to eat only that soup. Take note...a soup! just a soup with nothing else on it, oh she can put that parmesan cheese. errr! i was like "is that the only thing you can eat?!" Well, papi explain it to me, coz i just cant imagine how people were treated in the hospital. I told them they aren't keeping thier patients in good condition but they help on killing them.haha! kidding...

There would be no "mami" for a couple of days. No mami who will do the laundry and prepare the table for us. No mami who will sweep the floor and keep the table clean. No mami will be there to remind papi about his medicine. There will be no "screaming" and "arguing" for the mean time. Gonna miss those things though even for a couple of days.

What is important, mami will be healthy again after her operation. She will be able to work again normally and freely like she used too. I just hope everything will go smoothly. And i would like to Thank everybody who offered their prayers for mami. Thanks guys! i really appreciate it. =)

Now, for the mean time i have to do all the chores here at home. Anyway, im used to that. Just need to do some extra things over here. Because im used to have mami around so what i cannot do will be left for her. Actually, i go to work and leave everything to her.haha! She have just told me what i need to do tomorrow, the other day and for the rest of the week. Ohhh...why mother's like that. It's ok, all i want is for her to be healthy again.

I want to apologize about my tagboard. If ever you see some 'not soo good' tags there just ignore them. It's just there is this somebody who wanted some attention but nevermind it, i can manage. Aha..there you go 'spanish girl', special mention.ahaha! I gave you a special place here for a while, ha.*wink* Is that what makes you happy? Do whatever you want, pretend and destroy people. Everything you said will bounce back to you. Anyway, its you wasting your own time pissing your ownself. Goodluck! *devil's laugh*

There you go, i cut my hair again. My hairdresser cut it a bit short. =( But i think it looks nice. I need to cut them every other month so it will grow faster and better as well as to remove my split ends. I have it layered and has a style below it. What you think about it? =) Actually, i've got lots of events to attend with this July. I will have to go with my step sister and my cousin at the amusement park this weekend. (they are both italians) Then i have to attend a baptism before the end of the month, and i will be one of the godmothers.hehe! Also, finally i will have my one week vacation. It means i will be out of town. yay! To enjoy my summer vacation. I will tell you when and where i will be going. I'm sure it will be a lot of fun.

I better go now. Take care everybody and thanks for your prayers. Love y'all. mwahugs..I miss my yana. =(

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:42 PM

Sunday, July 01, 2007


When you LOVE, never stick only to what your heart feels...

Remember that sometimes using your brain is a necessity.


Never use your eyes to cry for the one who fooled you...

Instead, use it to search for the right one.


Don't be scared breaking up...

keeping a relationship with an evil person is much scary.

Take note:

"Love the one who will fight for you and bravely face each and every consequence...

Someone you can call a partner rather than a lover."

I have recieved this text from my good friend ARIANNE. I was browsing my phone and looking for those messages that can be interesting and i've seen this one. Just want to share it though. Isn't it nice?

I spent my whole saturday with my mom, of course doing shopping! awww! I'm oh soo happy because finally i was able to find and have bought the sandals that im really looking.yay!!! Then have bought some other things.

Next week, my mom will have to undergo an operation. Well, finally because weve been waiting for that long time ago. At least she will be free from her worries and will be healthy again after the operation is done. I hope everything will be fine and the operation will be successful and will not have any other problems. I would appreciate if you will include her in your prayers. Thanks in advance. =)

I better go now. I miss my arianne but i know shes having fun now there. Gonna call her later when i woke up. Excited about the stories. hehe...Take care guys! mwahugs...

Have a good sunday!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:34 AM

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If you asking then I'm telling you it's yes
Stand in love, take my hand in love, God bless (right)

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I want to give you some love
I want to give you some good, good loving
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I wanna give you some good, good loving

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