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Thursday, September 20, 2007


I dont know what to put on my title eh.hehe! Nothing in particular, just random things and events that happened for the past week. Some are good and some are bad? maybe or maybe not!

TONY AND LINDA! (the newly weds)

After celebrating my parent's 1st year wedding anniversary, another couple from the family have made their vows last saturday 15th September. Actually, the day was kind of a disaster for all of us. It started just in the morning. My cousin's husband have told us that they will come here and pick us up as early as 10am. Since me and my mom are sooo "VAIN" then we need to get up early and get dress slowly.lolz. I used to sleep at 3am everyday but since we have too much things to prepare mami and me slept at 5am. haha! Mami needs to clean and color her nails thats it and prepare papi's things. Me? nothing...just want to stay with her until she's up and chat.*biggrin*

I slept for only 3hours and took my shower and prepare. Have eaten my breakfast and wait for them to arrive. Papi called them to ask if what time are they coming. They say they are almost ready and ready to leave. Anyway, we dont have any choice but just have to wait. For me its okay because i will still have my vain moments.lolz! Of course,picture...picture...picture!....

The wedding ceremony will have to start at 11am. I've never seen an italian wedding ceremony so i would really love to witness it. Waiting...11:30...still waiting...12noon...still in the house. Go out..walk...sit in the couch...lay down...ZZzzzzZZZzzz...and finally fall asleep. Dang! 12:30...*raise eyebrows* *sniff*. Ask papi: "Are we still going to attend the wedding?" *pout* Papi is already mad and im already complaining im kindah pissed already. We all woke up soo early just to prepare and for them not to wait. Oh well, they arrived at 1pm. They explained that they got lost and everything. To think that they already have their navigator with them and still they got lost.duh! lame excuses..lolz. Anyway, and the adventure did not ended up on our way there we got lost once again. And finally we were able to reach the place before the groom and the bride entered the garden. uff...

After saying hi and hello to everybody, making beso beso and shaking hands to the other persons to were i have seen the first time. It was really fun because i was able to meet almost the whole family and other relatives. Uncles and aunts, little cousins, niece and nephews. The feeling was great. We had fun dancing and singing and of course the long serving of the food. haha! We started eating from 2pm and finished untill 7pm. that was totally crazy! From apperitives to antipasto then served first plate and second plate,fish, meat, veggies and salad up to desert and finally the cake. And dont forget the first class wines, red and white wine and of course champagne and spumante. I almost got drunk though.*devil's laugh*

Oh and the boquet throwing and catching, it landed just infront of me.haha! funny. I wont get it anyway.lolz! All in all it was fun! Im happy to be part of the new family. I was even called for the picture of the whole cousins. I was like: "oh, am i included?!". One great experience and actually there was already a line up for the upcoming weddings. For 2009 it would be my cousin stefania and his boyfriend and for 2010 it would be tony's brother named marco and his girlfriend...then 2011 would be ychel and...ha?WTF!!! just kidding. =))

On the other part, the week ended up a bit heavy. I mean because some other things turned out to be "bad". It was just like a glimpse and ta..tannn! Oh well, one couple have announced their love for each other and the other had broken up. Balance of Nature as what they say.haha! Did you get me? =D Oh well, that's life. Move onnnnn...

Im a bit scared that one of these days i might be ending up at the emergency room again. My kidneys are starting to fail again i think.It really hurts this morning that i almost cried at the train because of the pain im feeling. Too good it stopped for a while untill i reach home. Thank goodness!

And oh on my way home, ive encountered this two kids. Not just kids, but two kids who robs or pick pockets. I just knew those faces, because most of them has their own territories. I mean those two kids make thier life in that place, they stay there the whole day just looking and staring at everyone from whom they can make the robbery. And they dont even get shy, they just knew that i was at their back and still they tried to rob the other woman infront of me. but then the woman knew that somebody is trying to open her bag so she turned her back and have seen the two kids. And you know what? the other kid came close to me and hold my arm. I keep my hands on my cellfone on my pocket because he was looking at it, and i screamed at him. He just got my arms unexpectedly and i was shocked and pissed. Then i turned my back and told them to go to hell.hehe! i know its R-U-D-E! amen.*biggrin*

Well, to sum it all up im okay and im doing good inspite of and despite of everything that is going on. I can still cope up with things around me. I know that the decisions i have made is all in the right time and place. Maybe or maybe not..who knows? But as far as im concern, i think its time. Some were happy and some are don't.hehe! Anyway, i dont want to elaborate things here i would rather just keep it to myself. And to whoever wants to know about it then just ask me.haha! too controversial ha.lolz!

I would like to share a conversation with a friend. It was really cool, funny but really true. I dont know how he came up to think of it but it was really interesting.haha!

girl: eh how bout broken hearted, something that we can do to repair it?
boy: same
boy: reboot
boy: find some1 good like a best bud to reinstall trust
boy: just like a good virus always get free anti virus
girl: wow
girl: tnx
girl:ill try to do that
boy: but if it is not that damaged or broken dont reformate heart
girl: haha
boy: and pls dont use windows on it
girl: wat do i need to use then?
boy: linux na or mac
girl: haha
boy: opera for surfin people
boy: less virus and people can send trojan to ur heart

(thanks to you! you know who you are.hehe! you never fail to give me simple advices and hugs.thanks! =D)

Cool and interesting.haha! Im happy..so happy that my partner in crime just came back! awww..Anyways, eventhough we're kindah occupied of things i know we can pass this through..oh and to our friend Bryantot! haha..super uber busy to the max. And to my fellow loving bloggers...i miss you guys! i know you are all busy with school and stuffs but im just here. I'll wait for your posts, hehe!

Take care all of you and be good. Goodluck! Love y'all!

**For more pictures just visit my MULTIPLY SITE.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
7:34 PM

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I have always thought that dreams are good signs and serves as my guide. I know not everything are true but they can always happen. Their meanings could be good or bad. It could also happen not exactly on what we have dreamnt but then could be similar. I don't usually have dreams at night but when it happens it always remains on my thoughts and really meant something. When i wake up, its always fresh and lingers on my mind untill i found out what could be the possible meaning of it.

Two days ago, i have dreamnt of a dog who is attacking me and have bitten me on my legs. This is how the story goes. I was with my friends, my highschool friends in the Philippines. I could not remember the exact place but i know im in the Philippines and it is somewhat like we are having a gathering. I told them i forgot something at home and i will go and get it and go back to them. Going back there, what i have seen is a long way not actually a street but with typical houses at the side of the street. I've returned at home 3 times because i can't get what i really needed. On my way, i cross the street and took the other way. I thought it will lead me on the place where i have to go but it is somewhat like a private place or something. So i have thought of coming back and will go the other way. But then a small dog was coming near me, its not barking and not really mad but then i know it will really harm me. Then as soon as it approach me it bit my lower legs and then came another 4 different dogs. They really want to hurt me too. Two of them are big dogs and the other is i cannot remember. Then i started crying and asking help. Then i have seen that my mom and dad came over to get me. Then its like the owner of the dogs are mad and saying it is all my fault. Dang! when i woke up i looked on my legs because it seems it happens for real. I tried looking for what it means and here is what i got.

As a general rule dogs in a dream are a good omen and symbolize friends. Of course, the interpretation varies according to the action and other details in the dream, but it is fairly straightforward. If the dog was friendly and affectionate, it signifies pleasure and happy times with friends; a fierce or snarling dog suggests disagreements or an untrustworthy friend; and if it bit or attacked, you are being warned to look out for actual deceit or harmful trickery from someone you have trusted. To hear a dog bark happily signifies pleasing social recognition, but if it barked fiercely, you are being warned of possible legal troubles. To see dogs fighting indicates that you may be called on to arbitrate in an argument between friends, in which case you must be extra tactful to avoid ending up the odd man out. If the dog in your dream was an exceptionally large one, it signifies protection through a powerful friend.

There you go. Well, i feel a bit upset of what it means. I know it is really a sign or really means something important to me. I only have few friends around and i know they are real and are true friends to me. And if ever it is true im not sure what will really happen because my friends are one of my weakness. I don't really like hurting and losing them. But i think i need to be very careful about it. Who knows?!

Well, its not yet finish. I fall asleep again and my dreams continue.hehe! Another thing that i have dreamed about is im together with another friend. I have in my thoughts that we are going in a certain place. And we are thinking which way to go. I told my friend Allan that we could take a jeep or a bus going to the place. But then we have seen long streets or road that was a railroad before. I told him maybe we can try that way, just that we have to walk and choose if we are going to the left or at the right. Then we ended up asking to somebody on which way to go. The man told us that we are in the right path, the way that we are thinking will lead us to the place that we are going. By then, we decided to go and started walking. End of the story, because i already need to wake up and go to work.hehe! So here is the meaning that i have found.

Strange streets signify profitable new ventures or associations. Curving or crooked streets indicate travel and surprises. A very long street suggests that you will need much patience before you get what you want.

Whether they were old-fashioned or the streamlined type, railroad tracks in your dream signify good fortune in the offing. If you were walking the ties, you will achieve your aims through prudent hard work, but if you were walking the rails, you will be helped by influential friends.

The dreams matches i think. I want something or maybe really want to achieve something so that means i need to be more patient. Anyway, i have been patient for almost 26 years.haha! And still im trying to move on and striving hard to get what i really wanted. I know thats a good sign for me not to give up on anything. Meaning everything is on the right track just need to hold on and be strong so as to reach all what i desire.


It's their 1st year Wedding Anniversary today, September 12. And also it's ERICK'S birthday, my best bud from the Philippines. I wish you all the luck, success and happiness and more love.
Time really is so fast, that we never knew a year have already passed. That our lives has changed soo much for a year now. The way we speak, the way we act, the way we eat, the way we dress...everything. But still we are Filipino in our hearts and in our blood. Im happy that my mom have found somebody like papi. He is really a good person. He is full of love, wisdom and brave enough to face everything in life. He loves me like his real daughter and as well as his family. We are treated like not other people in the family, that they have accepted us inspite of our different culture. One of the blessings that i'm really thankful. God have given us another chance especially me to have a father that will guide me and give me advice even if i dont need them. Im wishing both of them more love, happiness together, stronger faith and most of all good health. Take care always and i love you both soo much.

So, do you like my new hair cut? i did not cut them really short because winter time is coming and better if i let it grow longer. My hair really needs a trim, at least every other month or every two months. I also keep it as layered, i dont know why. hope you like it. Oh, one more thing. Arianne is arriving tomorrow. Yay!!! She was gone for almost 2 and a half months for her vacation in the Philippines together with her sister. And i miss her soo much. Anyway, nonstop stories ahead when she arrives tomorrow.hahaha!

Finally, was in the mood to change my layie.hehe! Just want to change the color and the image and some other things but not really a new, new layout. At least, my blog goes with the owner new hair new layout.lolz. If i still have time i'll try to change my friendster layout and update my multiply.

I better go now. Have a good weekend ahead of you guys. Take care always. Love y'all. mwahugs...

**Visit www.swoon.com if you want to know the meaning of your dreams like mine.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:02 PM

Friday, September 07, 2007


Finally, i am back here! Got the "mood" to at least write something new here. Sorry for not posting that often. Im not in a "haitus mood", not even that "uber busy". I think im just being "LAZY" for a while and i dont know whats the reason. Well, everybody has the right to become one sometime.haha!

Summer is almost over in a week. Sun will start to rise a bit late now or sometime soon you'll not gonna see it everyday again. Cold and breezy early in the morning. Those beautiful flowers that bloom for at least three months will soon be dry again and their leaves will begin to fall. Sun will not be up until late like it used too two months ago.

Mind will be always be occupied and "STRESS" will always be there again. Work, work, work, and work! For another half year, people will all be "WORKAHOLICS" again. We are back to reality!

I'm just worried about the coming season again. Fall/Autumn and Winter will be coming soon. I hate rainy seasons, but i love snow. Oh well, nobody can stop it. I hope we will not have too much rain this year and too cold. Like "my ass is freezing". LOLZ!

Enough. Let's go at the other part of the world now. Since i did not post something for a while i would be random this time. Did you hear it? RANDOM...

I was sick for a while, i think it was two weeks ago. I always got stomachache and my lower right side of my stomach is aching, up to my lower right back/hips. My father is worried that it might be my appendix. I was asking him to bring me at the Emergency but he told me that we cannot go there unless it will really be emergency. If ever i will have to be forwarded to a private doctor and will have to pay for it. It will costs me alot for just that visit. So, i have waited untill last monday to go at my mom's private doctor. The doctor said that it is my previous Urine problem. I was hospitalized for a day because i've got that pain all over my lower stomach up to my back. It means that my kidney is not working properly. I was also examined and they have found a small piece of rock where my urine passes through, which makes it difficult for me to pee. The doctor advice me to at least eat foods with less salt, avoid eating junk foods (grrr..how can i do that?!), not to eat oily and fried foods like french fries, hotdogs (NOOOO!!!), fried chickens and all the same. I cannot drink softdrinks and sodas anymore. Also to do the diet for at least two months. DUH! What you think of her advice? not eating those foods will really make me thin. AHH!! DO you think i still have to do the diet thingy! thats R-U-D-E!!!ampf.

Anyway, im trying my best now to avoid them.(ahuh!!!LIAR!haha.) Since my father is the one cooking his trying to be careful of the food that he cooks. (not true! im spoiled, he just bought me some fried mexican chicken!)haha! Well, i have to avoid them little by little. I hope i can survive unless i want to spend another day in the hospital in the future. But i hope not! I'm afraid of the injection and dextrose. i hate them!

I thought my vacation will end up really happy but oh well, something bad happened. The last week of my vacation turned into "NOTHING & BORED!". Im all prepared and was doing all that depiling the day before my departure. Papi got a call from Enrico saying that i dont need to go at Ravenna anymore because my sister and the family is already preparing going to Naples. The father of my sister's husband is given 12hours to live. He cannot breathe anymore so they need to make a hole in his neck and one of his lungs were already removed. Then other complications came along. He died last Sunday and was buried Monday. Let's just offer some prayers for him that finally he will not suffer and will have pain anymore.

So, after that we were all shocked and at the same time im kindah disappointed. But anyway it means we will have more fun the next time. Im expecting that we will be going at the amusement park and then i will have to spend the last two days at the beach playing with my niece and nephew. Kindah sad that it did not happened. Anyway theres always be the next time.

I spent the rest of my vacation at my cousins house at Bergamo. Well, i got really "bored" there but thank gawd that my niece and my nephew is there to make me happy, at least. I have fun playing and taking care of them. The weather is not that good so we can't go at the the swimming pool. So we stayed at home. Papi did some artwork on the wall because my cousin is renovating their living room so i helped out. And the truth is, im LAZY! haha!

My right shoulder hurts now, i guess i got some cold outside. The weather is changing from time to time. I can't really move it and i still have to work tomorrow. And earlier this morning, my nose is bleeding. But i think its normal for me, because it always happens when season is changing. Oh, i also got a small cut on my face i dont know how i was able to get it. hehe! Don't worry guys, im okay and everything will be fine.

I want to take this chance to say THANK YOU to all of you. For those who used to drop by at my blog, for those who reads my post and leave their very touching comments as well as leaving some tag. Thanks a lot! Your opinions and advices helps alot. It really shows that most of you appreciate what im writing and accepts me for who i am. Without you guys, i will not be inspired writing one. You're my inspiration and my strength. You all give me hopes and helps brighten my mind. Thank you to all of you. You all have been a part of my life for almost a year now. I may not be visiting all your pages that often but always think that you are remembered and loved by me.awww! I love you all!

Yayy!!! my friend ARIANNE is coming back from the Philippines by next week. I can't wait to see her again. I really miss her sooo much! She's my little sister here and we are partners in crime. Oh, we've got one thing in common. We are both "CAMWHORES"...so better watch out "PICTURE ADDICTS" will be back very soon!haha.

I will have my haircut tomorrow. yahooo! New look again. I have to cut them, they are getting long again and got dry because of too much expose under the sun. Just on timing, by next week we have to attend a wedding. I still have to buy a dress i think but i still have to check my closet, maybe i dont need a new one because i still got some clothes that i have not use. We will see.hehe! Mami just bought me a new hand bag. DAMN!!! i really love it. It's really nice together with a new sandal.haha!

I have to go guys. Have a great weekend! I'll go drop by at your pages as soon as i can. Take care all of you! mwahugs.

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:49 PM

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I want to give you some love
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