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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tag...tag...tag! I got tagged by LUKI♥ .

I've already done one like this before but since i got tagged then i have to do it. Anyway, i dont have any particular topic for now. And i guess i have discovered more weird things about myself.lolz! Here yah go...

Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged need to write a blog of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.

1. I talk TOOO MUCH! I used to talk on the phone for long hours as in LOOOONG hours. =D I remember when i was in the philippines i used to use the phone for at least 7 to 10hours.hehe! I really enjoy talking and making stories. But here, hmmm...just two hours because our wireless used to run out of battery. I think i have to buy the one that lasts for at leasts 5hours.haha!

2. I spend years inside the bathroom.haha! I guess its a girl thing. Most of the girls spend hours inside the bathroom. Combing, putting lotion and other creams, shampoo plus conditioner, make-up (but i dont use them), plucking and shaving.lolz.

3. Talking to myself alone. I can make a story and do my own dialogue just talking to myself.haha! I can make a scenario with the exact time and date an introduction of the story and its ending. Or maybe just a plain talk to my conscience or myself. Thinking of what i need to do for the whole day, what happened and preparing for whatever can happen. I dont know if it is normal but yeah, there are other people who does it too. right?

4. I'm an
OBSESSIVE-COMPULSIVE. (Click it for more info) Do you think that cleaning the bathroom and toilet at 1am is normal?hahaha. *biggrin*

5. I'm obsessed to Sarah Jessica Parker's "Sex and the City". I just don't know why i got so addicted with this TV series. I started watching it when i was in college. Then as time goes by i love to see every episode of it. I even downloaded it and have a chance to watch the very first Season until the third one. Actually im on the 2nd Season and about to finish its episodes. Well, the show isn't really all about sex but then you will learn about lots of lots of things about dating, handling and dealing with people and practically with relationships.

6. I've invented my own motto: "What ychel wants, ychel gets.". hehe! I know it sounds kindah scary, but i always have the determintion of getting what i really want. And i guess it also works with other things.lolz!

7. I used to eat Jack n' Jill Chippy with rice. yeah, i eat chippy together with rice well better try it because it really taste good*wink*

8. I love earrings and other accesories. I think girl's are really obsessed with those kind of things just like me.hehe! I've got this collection of earrings especially the stars. And yeah i l♥ve bags and shoes too.hehe! I've got every color that matches my clothes. I guess im gonna be that next Imelda Marcos in the making.lolz!

9. I used to sleep 3 to 4hours everyday. I know this is bad for my health. I don't get enough sleep and rest. I go to work in the morning and out in the city most of the day walking, running to catch the train and buses and traveling long. And i dont feel like too tired after the long day, i can still watch tv and chat for the rest of the night.

10. I can kill myself by my "morbid thoughts".(from arianne) I think harsh things..really harsh until i got scared by my ownself. Like when I travel everyday and used to ride the Metro.(underground train) I will think that there would be something bad that will happen like someone will gonna leave a bomb, it will explode and then everyone's gonna be dead including me.haha! Or somebody will gonna push me on the train's railway while it is about to arrive at the station and will find myself on the ground into pieces. *biggrin* haha..forget about this one.lolz!

11. How about eating rice with gravy, i mean lots of gravy..yummy! I used to put gravy on my rice just like a soup.haha! It really tastes good. Especially when it is KFC's gravy. Damn...i miss KFC soo much.

12. I don't eat PICKLES and OLIVES! I dont know why, i just dont like them. Hamburgers here used to have pickles in the middle and i will remove them first before eating. Most of the pizza here has olives in it and yeah like pickles im gonna remove them one by one before eating it.

13. I'm MOODY! I'm super moody! i can change moods in half an hour or every hour. Maybe there would things that would trigger me to change my moods but most likely i can feel very happy and bad at the same time. I guess i need to consult somebody about this.haha!

14. I'm scared of reptiles like snakes, crocodiles and the likes. But when i was in my sixth grade i was able to touch a phython at the zoo. You know, that snake that is big as my legs(just imagine how big my legs are.haha!) and is long as 2 to 3meters.*biggrin* And oh, i even owned an iguana. Yes, i took care of a little iguana it was a bday present of a friend. She was named as "spice" with that beautiful spikes at her back and her long tail. I used to feed her with live cockroaches and she loves it. And since nobody likes to take care of her at home i always bring her at school inside my bag and hang her on our green curtain.*devil's laugh* Nobody will notice her because of the "comuoflage" thingy. did i spell it right? correct me if im wrong. =P

15. I consider my laptop as my "boyfriend".hehe! i can't live a day without seeing it or touching it. I would rather forget my toothbrush and other important things when going out of town but my laptop... NO WAY! I'm ready to sacrifice carrying it everywhere "with handle" and no matter how heavy it is. I even miss it if i don't get to touch it for hours.haha!

Yana, Romina, Bianca, Bryan, Moieee. Sorry! sometimes you really need to break the rules.haha! cant think of anybody. =P

Finally i was able to finish this tag.hehe! Not that its hard but i really dont have any time. And im sorry for not updating that often. Been through with lots and lots of things to deal with. Stories? yeah, i've got lots for you.hehe! And yeah, my page is begging for a new layout already, soon i will.*wink*

Thanks for all those who used to visit my site. =) I really appreciate it and i'll make it up to you guys! PROMISEEE!!! and I'm MISSING you all soo bad! I'll be back ASAP! And for my pending tags just wait and i'll do them soon.

Yay! I've started sketching tonight for my papi's exhibit this coming 27th of May. And i hope i can finish many paintings as i can. Goodluck to me! lolz...and this is what really makes me busy again.

I better go now. I'll hop with your pages soon. =) Take care guys..I miss you all. love yah.mwahugs.♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:49 AM

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Hey yah! Guess i really need to make a quick post, hmm..to update? no..just feel like dropping by here in blogger and type something here in this section.haha! I sound really wierd now...What you think?lolz..

Well, saturday wasn't really good. Got to work then go home, eat, watch the tv and sleep untill 9pm. whoaaa! I feel lazy and dont want to do anything the whole day. Just want to lay down, stare at my laptop and think of nothing. I have thought of doing some other things but then i suddenly felt this emptiness in me. I don't understand all things are mixed up. I was trying to organize and accomplish some works but then dont feel like doing it. Am i just lazy or maybe there were things that bothers me?...who knows?...MAYBE!!!!

My new "UPDATED" Windows Media Player was not doing good as well as my itunes and i dont know whats the reason. I'm trying to burn a cd, i tried doing it for 2hours but nothing happened. A very simple thing but then i was not able to do it.hayy...so frustrating!

Earlier my internet is not working. I left my laptop on and my ym online but when i got home everything isn't working anymore. So i tried figuring out what is wrong about my connection. I called up my network provider ask them about what is happening. Oh well, its my router i guess from time to time it will happen. I needed to reset it and configure it once again. anyways, thank God everything is back to normal again. *wink*

Since nobody is online and i was not able to accomplish things around here i decided to just watch my favorite series "Sex and the City". I don't know whats with this TV show has that it bothers me most of the time after watching it. Maybe because i can relate about Sarah Jessica Parker's topics. Take note, the show isn't really about just "SEX" itself. It tackles about different relationships, i mean how to handle relationships, learning about men's and women's bad habits or attitudes towards each other, some crazy and weird things about sex.hehe! Well, try to watch some of the episodes and tell me how was it.

I just got curious about the last episode that i've watched earlier. The previous one is all about Carrie's breaking up with his boyfriend Big. Then followed up by this episode that i've seen a while ago. Carrie's topic was about "Do we have to play a game to make a relationship work?"..i have found it soo interesting. Then followed up by another question "Does HONEST relationship do really exist? Were was it true?", or it is just like were playing chess that we have to make a move and strategies towards our opponent and win the game. Oh well, as i've watched it i got to realize some things. It doesn't really answer those questions but it is for you to know, discover and learn about it. Guess this was a big help.hehe!

Ahh!! then finally, i got the chance to write and tell you whatever is on my mind for the meantime. I was trying to finish my supposed-to-be-post last night. Because i got tagged by Luki, and while i was doing it i felt this sudden attack of laziness.*biggrin* So, i'll have to finish it soon and post it as soon as i can.

Time for me to go...Have a good Sunday everyone! take care..and i miss you all!mwahugs..i'll try to hop on your pages very soon. love y'all!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
1:20 AM

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