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Monday, April 30, 2007

UPDATE! Weeeee...Finally! =D

Hi guys! How you all doing? Im really sorry for not dropping by and updating my blog. =( Im uber busy! errr...But anyway i guess everything is doing fine. ahh! at least..hehe..

Actually i don't know where to begin my stories, im agitated about that something i can't really explain. Oh well, i think because it took me sometime to write one again and im gonna try my best.lolz!

First, i would like to thank my blogger friends who never fails to drop by and leave me comments and tag. thanks guys i really appreciate it. and also for those who included me in their prayers for my papi and mami. thanks a lot guys! and oh, I MISSSSSS YOU ALL SOOOO MUCHO! hehe. love y'all.mwahugs.♥♥♥

Work..work..work..that is what i am doing the whole week i mean 6 days of the week. At least i still have one day of rest.haha! I've started my new work a week ago, and yeah its kindah difficult for me because im not really used of working that long now. I have to wake up as early as 6am then i need to be out by 7am to catch the train. I should be on time if not im gonna be late for work. Oh well, which always happens and nothing new with that.lolz! Sometimes i dont have anytime to eat or at least take some break because i dont want to waste any minute from my time.

I used to get online late now. I usually arrive at home at 9pm and then i have to eat and have to take some break and yeah im still the one who is in-charge of washing the dishes.dang! But anyway, i can manage im still adjusting for the mean time i guess but i know i will get used to it. What i hate is the long travel that i need to do, i need to catch the train on time so i always need to hurry up and run as fast as i can. On the other side, i know its good for me though because its a good form of exercise.haha! I've already lost some fats and my belly is a bit small now.lolz.

Oh i've cut my hair a week ago too. =) I need to trim it as often as i can because its getting longer now and im lovin it!*biggrin* Actually me and yana cut our hair at the same day were supposed to go together but sometimes shes lazy.haha!

I still dont have any idea what to post in particular but then ill try to update and drop by on your pages. And also if ever i forgot somebody who wants the exchange links then just remind me. Sorry don't have time to do it but sure thing ill do it. =)

Yay!!! tomorrow will be holiday again. May 1 and it's labor day! too good they honor this day here at least i can rest. Aha! no not really summer is fast approaching and its already spring so we need to change our sets of shoes once more. I'm done with my closet anyway, ive already put out my summer clothes.hehe! Need to get ready because they say that it would be really hot this summer and yeah i think it will make me really dark.awwww!

What about my other plans for the future, i mean in the coming weeks ahead? First, of course, nothing but to work, work, work again.=D Then i've got free tickets for two at the cinema. Me and yana is planning to watch the Spiderman 3.hehe! Glenna left me a tag saying she wants to go too for me its ok that would be fun. =) Then papi will hold an exhibit of paintings and others regarding about arts. It would be in the last week of May. I want to do at least one or two paintings but i dont have much time to do that. I'm moody and i dont think i can finish it with my small time remaining in the evening. But we will see, i hope i can do at least one. And i really want a NEW LAYOUT! too bad, im too lazy for now but i will try to work on it little by little. Goodluck for me! lolz...

Anyway, i think i better go for now. Im feeling really exhausted. Im gonna drop by your pages asap. PROMISE!!! take care always and have a good time! mwahugs♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:15 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

UPDATE! my blog is begging me to update.hehe!

I just finished talking to yana on the phone for about hmmm..guess almost two hours.haha! It's almost a week since i've updated this. Well, there were things that happened previously but then i would rather keep it to myself.haha! Kindah private.lolz.

Regarding my papi, thanks for the prayer guys. i really really appreciate them, thanks for all the concern and sympathy.love you guys! Papi is doing good, we have started our diet.haha! Everybody needs it, its already spring time here and were getting ready for that summer...summer time!bwahaha... And my mom, she still have to wait untill she get the results then the day she will have the operation. So, need more prayers. thanks! =)

Last week was kindah stressful. Work, family and everything around me but then i'm still here writing and telling you some stories. We've been at the lawyer yesterday regarding about my documents. Well, i've got positive answers and some possibilities to have them as soon as possible. I just have to work on everything like the documents and the modules that i need for the processing of the papers. It really needs time and patience and as well as prayers. Oh and also a lot of money.hehe! I'll have to keep my fingers cross untill the time that i've got them.

Im not gonna make this a long one for now, im just missing my blog and my blogger friends. I'm sorry if im not able to drop by on your pages for some time. forgive me guys! I promise i will...and for those who want the links ill link you all up now! hehe...

I'm waiting for a package, dang! When it will arrive? hayyy...im so excited about my chocolates.hahaha!

Take care guys! thanks a lot for dropping by here. I miss you all...SUPER!!! love y'all...mwahugs...♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:01 PM

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Welcome Home PAPI!!!

Weee! yeah, finally papi is already home. He was sent home by the doctor yesterday afternoon. Finally, they set him free.lolz! But then they have talked to papi before he was finally released. They have told him that he needs to have another operation. hayyy! Well, they should have done it after papi have the "angioplastic" but then the doctor said he couldn't. He have taken so many medicines and then got an infection and or allergy. So they cant do it immediately. And the allergy was really horrible, it leaves lots of mark in papi's skin. It will take a week i guess for everything to get dry.

Papi has a problem with his throat. He used to sleep with his respirator beside him at night. One of his throat's artery is blocked and i guess that is the cause. (i forgot how they call it) He needs to get operated once again, he needs to undergo some examinations and then they will tell him when. But i think it will be soon, probably after 30days and maximum will be after 60days. My boss told me that its one of the dangerous operations papi could have. If not done with care then papi's life with be at risk. poor papi!=( Because one of the artery in our throat gives blood all the way to our brain (correct me if wrong) then if it gets block it could cause some failure in his respiration and others. Sorry, im really not good in explaining this things i just hope you get them.lolz! Well, im asking for your little prayers. They will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance! =)

Oppsss..not yet finish! =P I still have got one more thing to tell you.hehe! Yesterday before i go to work mami is not feeling well. She wake up feeling bad she told me, it is because she had her period. In a week now, mamina will undergo examinations regarding her illness. She will have to spend one whole day in the hospital doing all the examinations she needed. She will have to wait for the result and then the doctor will tell her when she will have the operation. Hayyy...too much of this. oh well, i understand it anyway. I guess they really have to do all this. At least better do it now than later so it will not have to get worst. And when it is thime for us to go back home, there will be no more problems regarding thir health. Here they are all free.hehe! but then im still too occupied about this things eventhough the operations aren't that serious or something still thier lives are at risk. Guys, please im asking for your little prayers. thanks a lots!

All im hoping is they will feel better and will have to maintain themselves being healthy. That is the most important thing for me. And yeah i hope they will not be admitted both at the same time.haha! How could i attend to both of them if ever, i cant cut myself into two.lolz! then plus my work from morning 7am to 8pm.haha! What you think? Oh well, im hoping that everything will be all finished...ASAP! i couldn't take it anymore always in the hospital. Because in our family nobody gets to be hospitalized. As i remember, its only my grandfather who has been confine once because of heart attack then after nobody else. And now here, there, right and left...my mom and my dad. oh well, i really have to go through this and i know this will pass and together we will be happy in time. Hayyy....I need to stay firm and be strong enough with all these things. Help!...Oh God! help me...

I've met my friend yesterday, she will have have her vacation in the Philippines this month untill June i guess. I said my goodbye for the mean time. Oh well, i was sad that she have to leave but then behind it theres also this one reason.haha! She told me that i look really sad and she knew it was because of another thing too. But then she suddenly told me: "Hey you can do it! we have known each other for some years now and i know you are always that strong. You can always go through with all this problems and stuffs around you. I always believe in you. YCHEL is ychel! and nobody else. Come on, you can do it!". ahhh! What a relief though. She really knew me. She told me that i just need to burst it out and cry (which i used to do) then after im gonna be fine. Oh well, i've already cried(after trying to control it for almost 3days). Its one of my outlet to really express how i feel. Maybe i feel a bit better now, i guess. :) errr...enough of this!

I still got a pending tag from
TINA. Here yah go:

"3 or 4 funny things you do to relieve stress. When deadlines are fast approaching but you’re not even halfway through. When your boss is on your ass like a crazed bullrider. When you feel your salary (or allowance) just doesn’t fit your preferred lifestyle. When you partner feels he/she just isn’t getting enough from you."

1. When im stressed i used to go out. I'll call one of my girlfriends and take some pictures.hehe! Will gonna make some funny faces and have fun. Laugh our ass out.haha! laugh without caring with anybody else around. hehe!

2. Well, im gonna think and think and daydream. Then im gonna talk to myself and think of a scenario and think of something funny and laugh at it alone.haha! that would really relieve my stress.*biggrin* but dont think im crazy!*raising eyebrow*

3. To relieve stress is what you saying? i'll go SHOPPING!!! but then if my money isnt enough anymore...i'll go bring mami and papi with me so they have to pay for me.haha! *devil's laugh*

I really dont know if they are funny but then those are the things i used to do for me to relieve my stress. And im tagging
astrid and cai.

Ok, i guess this post should be enough for today. Actually im supposed to post this last night but then stupid me! i dont save my post ever just gonna write it in an instant then poof! when its gone its gone. Anyways, i have to go. I came from the hospital with mami and papi. We have visited papi's friend there. They say that they are really happy to know us and the same with us. Then maybe sometime we will have to go out all together and eat outside. =)

Take care guys...Have a great Friday and weekend too! mwahugs♥♥♥...

**thanks for letting me know how you doing. i just cant live a day without you. but then if this is what you want then its ok, i understand and i respect you always. i will keep praying for you. I hope you will find that peace that you wanted.i will be strong enough for you so that maybe one time you'll gonna need me then you can always lean on me. i will hold your hand and will never let you fall.Im just here. im gonna wait for you.I miss you badly...so bad! i miss you like HELL!...take care always. hope you feel better soon and all things will be back to normal. my love for you is always here. im with you in spirit. i love you and i always will.**

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
2:59 PM

Monday, April 09, 2007

I'm BACK!!!

hi guys!!!!!! I miss youuuuu!!! I miss BLOGGING and I MISS YOU ALL!

Anyway, im here now and im back.hehe! Honestly, i didn't go anywhere i just need some time to think over some things. Need that S-P-A-C-E. Guess it helps.lolz!

First, my papi is in the hospital. Actually it will be two weeks this thursday that he is staying there. We didn't know that he will be staying that long inside the hospital. He was called a week ago to have an examination for his heart. Then after that, they have found out that his heart's veins or artery are 99% close. He always complain about his heart lately, thats why. Once he got angry and really mad then that will give him a heart attack. Three more days and he will be confine in the hospital but then the doctor was just in time calling him and admitting him immediately.

Monday, he was operated again it was called "angioplastic". Were they took the chance of opening papi's veins and arteries through his heart. Papi is still fortunate, the doctor have tried putting the device in his wrist instead of putting it under his stomach and or cutting his upper right leg. He is fat and putting the device under his stomach will give him much pain and it will be a really long process untill it gets into his heart. So, thank God! They were able to open up everything in just one try without giving papi that much pain. Because if it didn't open, then he needs to have another operation. He will have to get a heart bi-pass. Thank God! papi doesnt need it anymore and he said he really feels good and have a new heart. Well, i guess his really just inlove with my mom.lolzzzz!

He is still in the hospital untill now because he got poisoned by the medicine. Instead of intoxicating and removing the anesthesia in papi's body it happened the other way, papi got intoxicated. So it became complicated. Papi has diabetes, there are medicines that they cant give him. Saturday, we have seen papi with his eyes and cheeks swollen up to sunday. They made a mistake giving him the medicine. Then after, papi got an allergy. Hayyyy!!! sometimes doctors really are hmpf!! They made it worst for papi. This last two days, he really got lots of scars in his skin because of scratching too much he cant even sleep at night. poor papi!=( Hopefully in two days he will be out of the hospital.

I've got 4 days vacation this holy week. Too bad we were planning ahead that we will be out of town but then it was all cancelled because of what happened. We have celebrated our Holy week and Easter Sunday inside the hospital. Mami have prepared some sweets and same thing with the other family that we have acquainted inside. First time for me to experience staying with my loved one inside the hospital. Because in the Philippines nobody in the family gets to be hospitalized. As i remembered, once it was my grandfather but then after that none of us anymore. And to think now, it is my father who was inside the hospital and got operated.

It was a good experience too. Knowing and being acquainted with the other patients there and their family. We have known some other people inside and treated like good friends. I even made jokes with the nurses there.hehe! We get along with this family which is in the other bed near papi's. They are so nice, we tell stories and exchange sweets almost everyday. We share foods on Easter sunday up to today. It was really great! =) Just hope we can get to meet again some other time, because they live far. They live outside Milan, one and a half hour travel.

Other good news, is that i guess a week ago my papers from the Philippines just arrived. weeee!!! After papi gets out of the hospital we will then have to get an appointment with the lawyer and we will talk what is the first thing we have to do. But then i hope things will turn out just right. Im really afraid of getting disappointed if ever! =( I have to cross my fingers untill i get my papers done. ahhh! Help me pray...Thanks! =)

On the other side, guess things are happening just good.haha! Inspite and eventhough the last few weeks was really hard for me. I got depressed and was really hopeless with what had happened. But then i was able to regain and recover or still in the process of recovering.hehe! Things happened unexpectedly and yeah kindah ironic. It really hits me like a thunderstorm. Then other persons were involved. It was really sad. But then in time, i get to realized and analyzed some more things. I was able to control and think of maybe better things to do.ahhh, i think so! Too much dramas had happened, too much pain and certain persons were really hurt. Hoping that things will be clearer in time.

Oh well, guess this is all for now. But then im gonna be busy because i've found a new job.weeee!! But i'll make it sure i will have time blogging. You know, i cant live without this. Being in hiatus for a week is enough. Oh, and ive got a new record.haha! it has been 3days that my pc was on.lolz! i just leave it open since the hospital is near our house. Damn! i cant believe...leaving this on without turning it off!err...hope it will not get tired untill wednesday morning. =P

The image was a gift from len last Easter Sunday! thanks your sooo sweet.mwah! Thanks for visiting my blog eventhough i was absent for sometime. I'll make it sure that i'm gonna drop by in your pages. PROMISE!!! Thanks guys! Love y'all! mwahugs♥♥♥

Have a great week ahead guys...

**im sorry for all the stress, the dramas and pain. I know things will get better in time. Im just here anytime you need me. Take care and i love you.**

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
10:02 PM

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

...i'll be back!.

I miss you guys! love y'all...take care...mwahugs♥♥♥

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
2:20 PM

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