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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Thanks for all you've done
I've missed you for so long
I can't believe you're gone
You still live in me
I feel you in the wind
You guide me constantly

This is the song i used to play when i miss my grandpa. It strikes my inner feelings when i hear it. It has been 3years since he died, but for me i always see him still alive. I always dream about him and he never fails to hug and tell me that he is always around to guide me, to help me and love me like the way he used too.

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
And ill come home and I miss your face so
Smiling down on me
I close my eyes to see

I really just missed him. Maybe because finally we will go back home this year and there will be no grandpa around. I'm excited, soo excited because grandma is there but of course nobody's like my grandpa.

And I know, you're a part of me
And it's your song that sets me free
I sing it while I feel
I can't hold on
I sing tonight cause it comforts me

Nobody knows that it will be the last time that im gonna see him, hug him and see him smile. I can see it on his eyes, his sad but then happy at the same time that finally we will travel and will finally get our dreams.

I carry the things that remind me of you
In loving memory of
The one that was so true
Your were as kind as you could be
And even though you're gone
You still mean the world to me

The memories still lingers on me. I still can't believe that he left, but i know He wants something better. There are reasons, reasons that only Him knows about it. For I know, grandpa is happy wherever he is now.

I've never knew what it was to be alone, no
Cause you were always there for me
You were always there waiting
But now I come home and it's not the same, no
It feels empty and alone
I can't believe you're gone

You will always live in my heart. You will be my one and only grandpa. The greatest grandpa that i've ever had in my whole life.

I'm glad he set you free from sorrow
I'll still love you more tomorrow
And you will be here with me still
And what you did you did with feeling
And You always found the meaning
And you always will

I miss you alot Grandpa! I will always wait for you in my dreams. Thanks for letting me feel the greatest love and showing me all the care i need. I miss you...I love you so much!

Oh! so much for that. I'm sorry about that, i really just can't help it. I don't have to explain because it explain everything. Oh well, as you can see i've got my new layout. weeee! Of course, the model is me, haha! I hope you like it. *wink*

I'm sorry, i guess im still not in the mood to blog.lolz! Still busy at work and i still need some more time to rest. My "morbid thoughts"(from arianne), my body and need to recover about my probs around here. Too many things are happening, but dont worry ill be fine.

I want to thank my beloved blogger friends who are always there to support.awwww! and as well as other people who are concern about me (if there are any!). Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

This is all for now. I'll be back as soon as i can. I miss you all and i he♥rt you! take care...mwahugs♥♥♥

**if you want to hear the song just CLICK HERE!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:47 PM

Saturday, February 24, 2007


Hi guys! thanks a lot for the concern. I didn't expect that you'll gonna miss me that way too, like how much i missed reading all your blog posts and leaving you comments and tags. I really appreciate it! Im sooo touched...I even cried though. true..im not getting exaggerated but i really felt that way. Crybaby! but that means im happy because i know i have you all here, always. thanks from the bottom of my heart.

I got depressed this week. It started with a bad dream that made me felt really bad. I checked what those dreams meant, i got disappointed and take it seriously. Which i should not be. Should have taken it as a my guide, but i'm sorry i can't help myself from thinking about it and getting paranoid at the same time. Sometimes i really just have this freaking mind that can kill me!

Then everything was followed by lots of STRESS. Stress from work, from my environment and lots of pressure. Which made me feel really tired. My brain is drained and i cant think of good things. All i have in my thoughts are negative. My "morbid thoughts"(from arianne) that almost kill me.

I'm really sad. I really felt that the world is eating me little by little. No hopes, no love, no..nothing! But God is really great and wonderful. He never fails to check and remind me on how to deal with life. He gave me "you", "my blogger friends", and everybody around me that reminded me how much they care. Thanks a lot for the kind words and the courage you have given me. Im really so touched! That eventhough we all met here through our blogs we have this affection and the means of caring. Thanks again!

I'm not really feeling that well, but i think im feeling better. I've got lots of stories to tell and i will just post them next time. im sorry i have a really bad headache now. i don't know why. Still have a hangover from this stressful week.

Im gonna put some pics of me and my girlfriend's hangout today, but next time.lolz! and i cut my hair last week, ill show them to you next time.hehe! I'm gonna change my layout too, very sooonnn. =D

Have a good sunday to all of you! I love you all! mwahugs♥♥♥ take care...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:19 PM

Friday, February 23, 2007

I'm sooo f%&"in' TIRED!!!



I'm SORRY... i can't blog for the mean time.




**inspite of this, im doing fine. dont worry! *wink*

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:57 PM

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Why do i tend to hide when i feel like this way?

...I don't know what's the answer. I don't know how i am going to answer. I don't what i'm going to think. I don't know really what to do. I don't know..i don't know..i don't know...

I wanted to be alone for a while. I feel like all of them hates me. I feel like i'm the only person in the world. I'm the only one who is feeling this way. Confused, sad, depress, frustrated.

I'm beginning to lose my hopes again. I want to give up! I want to just leave without anybody knowing it. I want to escape this hurt and pain.

I always find myself crying in the middle of the night. My bad dreams keeps on haunting me most of the times. Im feeling cold, im trembling and im afraid..so afraid!

Im like a candle. I'm melting slowly, little by little.

I want to hold you, i want to keep you in my arms, i want to give you everything i have , i want you to feel me in you, i want you to know i care for you, I want to tell you over and over again...I love you...i love you...i love you so much.

I'm afraid of losing you now. Just don't leave me, please! Don't hate me. I need you. i♥u...

**im pissed! COPYCATS backoff!**

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
7:53 PM

Monday, February 19, 2007

hi guys! Since i dont have any interesting stories for now im gonna try this one. I've seen this post from TINA .

15 simple but amazing facts about me. All you have to do is to post random facts and make it as interesting as possible. The facts doesn’t have to be positive attitudes, this will just widen the knowledge of the readers about you. You have to tag 3 more people after this. Goodluck!

I really don't know if this 15 facts about me is really amazing...but i will try my best.lolz! Here you go:

1. When i'm about to enter my college i'm really decided that i want to be an HRM (Hotel&Restaurant Management) student. I have taken the entrance test at University of Sto. Thomas. hehe! I didn't pass it though.

2. I have discovered after a year, as a student of Advertising Fine Arts, i really have this passion to ARTS. i have this hidden talent.bwahaha! i L♥VE painting.

3. I'm a crybaby. Like tina, i cry when im angry, sad, happy and everything.

4. I L♥VE chocolates eversince.

5. I'm soooo MOODY! I can change my mood every hour. it depends.haha!

6. I L♥VE beach. But then i dont know how to swim and when i was little im afraid of water.*biggrin*

7. I'm an accident prone person. I used to get accidents especially when i was in college. I got robbed by this two person, but they were caught and put into jail.*biggrin* I met an accident from falling down on a jeep.grrr!*shyness*

8. I DON'T like pickles.

9. I used to play "bandurya". Its like a small guitar with 9 strings. I started playing it when i was in my 4th grade untill my 6th grade. And i used to perform during sunday mass.

10. I L♥VE hanging out with my friends! I love to dance and drink.hehe! I can stay in the dance floor until 5am in the morning dancing, dancing the whole night away. *biggrin*

11. I'm a computer buff. I can stay straight 12hours in front of my computer, even a day!haha!

12. I can stay in my bed for even the whole day without eating.

13. I don't really know how to ride a bicycle.

14. I'm a WORKAHOLIC and at the same time a SHOPPAHOLIC no doubt about it. *biggrin*

15. I'm TALKATIVE! I can talk over the phone for 3 to 7hours long even 10hrs.(im not exaggerated,its true!)

There you go, i know some of the facts are kindah weird and not amazing.lolz!

I'm not feeling well today. I've got a headache and my knees really hurt. I'm really tired today. My boss went out of town but left me loads and loads of work. I climb into my bed when i arrived home and try to rest for some hours.

Oh well, this post is soooo random. I'm gonna tell you stories some other time. Thanks for my beloved blogger friends who always leave tags and comments.mwah!

Hmm..i don't have any idea who to tag. ARIANNE , BRY a.k.a imbisibol man , LYKA .

Take care guys! mwah...

**i miss you boo.mwah**

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:52 PM

Sunday, February 18, 2007


Happy new year to all the Chinese peeps!..hehe! since its Chinese New year im gonna post something about them. I mean the Story how they get to celebrate their New years and then their traditions and the foods. I know we Pinoys used to do some of them, we have inherited some of it since we were ruled by them for some years. =)

The Chinese New Year Story

Long ago, the world was not a safe place; monsters dominated the world. There was one horrifying monster that came out on the same day each year to eat people. This monster was named Nian, and the people marked the end of a year by his visits to the human civilization. That is where the Chinese word for year came from.

This monster was the most feared by the people because every time it came out, whole villages would be destroyed at a time. So, every time the monster came, people would huddle together in their homes and stay up all night, wanting not to be eaten. This happened for many years until a wise man thought up a plan to scare the monster away.

This man proposed that the people should light bamboo. The bamboo would crack and make a lot of noise, possibly scaring the monster away. The villagers thought this was a very good idea and started to light the bamboo. The noise was tremendous. The monster was scared by the loud noise and ran back to its cave without not eating any people.

The next morning, everyone was present. They were all elated. The people congratulated each other for executing the plan effectively. So, from then on, people stayed up late, lit firecrackers (to simulate the lighting of the bamboo), and congratulated each other when the new year came.

Preparations for the New Years:

-Clean the house meaning a "general cleaning" for the house is needed. To take away all the bad spirits and bad luck form the past year.

-Paint all the doors, windows and walls. hmm..paint them with all red.lolz!

-Decorate the house with all the chinese things that gives "fortune", "happiness" and "luck".

-Hang or put some oranges and mandarin around the house as a symbol of happiness and good relationships.

-Hang red lanterns around the house.

Foods for the New Years:

-Melone candito for abundancy and good health. Melone candito cooked in oven with sugar. In short dried melon. =)

-Seeds of watermelon (butong pakwan in pinoy) for happiness, the truth and sincerity.

-Lychees for the family.

-Arance nane for prosperity. hmm..arance nane is like mandarin oranges they are small.
-Coconuts for a more stronger family ties. Which we pinoys value that much.

-Hazel nuts for a longer life.

-Semi di loto for more children. Loto is a kind of a chinese flower.

-Fish for Happiness.

Traditions for New Years:

-Donot clean the house on New Years day in order not to drive away the goodluck.

-Be sure to pay all your debts before the New Year comes. Or else you will start and end the year with credits. hehe! well, i don't know if it is really true but some of the pinoys practice this.

-Donot cry on New Years day or else you will cry the whole year.haha! It is like what they say that what you do before the New Years day you will do it the whole year. And for other people its better to be with your loved ones so you will be together the whole year.

-To see and to listen with a bird in the day of New year brings goodluck for the whole year.

-Dressing up in red can take away bad spirits!

There you go guys, those are some of their traditions that they usually do before the New years or the day itself. We pinoys used to do them too. Like dressing up in red and with the red polka dots will bring us more money for the whole year. My mom used to open our windows and put lots of coins on it. Then in the next morning me and my bro will collect them. Whoever wakes up early then the more coins you will get.lolz! Also putting round fruits around the house and preparing 12kinds of fruits in the table on the day of New years will bring goodluck for the 12 months of the year. hehe! What about jumping so high so you will get higher for the next year.lolz! And putting lots of coins on your pocket then shake them on midnight while having the fireworks. Then after 6pm, my mom tells us not to break anything fragile which will bring us badluck for the whole year.

Hmm..i guess those are some of the traditions we used to practice. Traditions and beliefs we have inherited most specially with the Chinese people. But i guess we pinoys just getting exaggerated sometimes.hehe!

I better go now. I'll see you all on my next posts. Thanks for all the comments and tags. Keep it coming. =P

Happy 81st Birthday to Boo's grandma. More happiness, good health and long life!

Have a good week ahead guys! =)

**I want some tikoy.lolz! Anybody there who can give me?bwahaha. *devil's laugh*

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:36 PM

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday once again! haaayy..finally time to have some rest again..REST? haha..big question! i guess not.lolz...because what makes me feel contented about my weekend is sleeping until late, staying in my bed until 12noon or 1pm.*biggrin* But chores at home haunts me all the time..err..i just cant help myself from doing them or lets say im just a real "OC" obsessive-compulsive. damn! im afraid for my ownself.haha!

I've got no topic or story to tell in particular i just blog hop and leave my blogger friends new tags and everything. But i 've seen this kind of a game or survey at bry's and tina's page recently. it's kindah fun i guess so im gonna try it. bwahaha! Whatever! *devil's laugh*

Put your music player on shuffle.
Press forward for each question.
Use the title as the answer to each question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING

How are you feeling today? "My humps! (remix)" yeah, my humps kindah hurts.lolzzz!

Will you get far in life? "don't phunk with my heart!"..bwahaha!

How do your friends see you? "Shut up!" yeah i guess i need to shut up!haha!

Will you get married? "Pump it!" dang! whats wrong with my ipod! lolz!

What is your best friend's theme song? "don't lie!" hmm..kindah good ah!

What is the story of your life? "look me in my eyes - Blast feat. akon" yeah just look into my eyes and im gonna tell it to yah. =D

What was high school like? "Jamaica Rum - bob marley" yeah, ive learned how to drink and get drunk by then.lolz!

How can you get ahead in life? "baby i love your way! - bob marley" hmm..loving the way it is...Whatever!

What is the best thing about your friends? "turn your lights down low - bob M." hehe! dont know what to say..lolz!

What is today going to be like? "take the lead - bone thgs n harmony" hmm..to shopping? =D

What is in store for this weekend? "Runaway - NB Rydaz ft. Angelina" hmmm..were running away for ravenna! haha...

What song describes you? "Stronger - britney" oppss! well, it explains everything.

To describe your grandparents? "Heaven - bryan adams" im thier little angel that was sent from heaven. *biggrin* they let me feel like im in heaven when they took care of me. I miss both of them! =(

How is your life going? "Bonanza (belly dancer) - Akon" haha! "aha! aha!..shake your body like a belly dancer"...

What song will they play at your funeral? "Again - Lenny kravitz" *i wonder if i'll ever see you again?* maaa..im dead!

How does the world see you? "Stars - Calla lily" wow! im like a star?*biggrin* i love it!

Will you have a happy life? "answer the phone- sugar ray" hmm...answer the phone,i want to do it again..again...oh! what you think?

What do your friends really think of you? "12 M's - crash test dummies" haha! no comment!

Do people secretly lust for you? "especially for you - MYMP" wow! cool! =D

How can i make myself happy? "Summer of love - 311" hmm..i love summer and that makes me happy =)

What should you do with your life? "If i ain't got you - alicia keys feat. usher" yeah, i cant live my life if i ain't got you.*wink*

Will you ever have children? "Saturday - fall out boy" ha? am i going to give birth on a saturday? haha..lolz..

There you go...dang! this freaks me out..wierd! some are good, some really doesnt have any connection. but its fun..funny and cool!haha...try it if u want!

Happy 80th Birthday to my grandpa! wherever you are i know your happy now, i miss you alot & i love you tatay!

Have a great weekend guys! take care...mwahh!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
11:28 PM

Thursday, February 15, 2007

How's your Valentine's Day guys? Did you enjoy your dates?bwahaha...*devil's laugh*

I did not have any date yesterday but i recieve something that really makes my heart cry because of happiness and its the sweetest thing that i've ever got from my previous valentines.lolz! hmm..it's special because it was given by my special someone and was really touching. =D yeah, it is the card that you see up there in the scrolling pic. He even told me that he skipped his class just to finish writing that letter and mail it so it will arrive on time.soooo sweet! Arianne was here and she have seen how happy i was.lolz! She even see me cry while reading it, saying "go cry so you can really feel it, if i were in your place im gonna cry alot!".haha! Im not getting exaggerated about it but just like what i've said "i love simple things" so it explain everything. (oh! the card is really cute! soo lovely and cute!*wink*)

I met arianne after my work then we stayed here at home and eat our late lunch. Papi cooked something for us, pasta with cauliflower and nuggets? haha..Chill here at home for a while then her mom called her up saying she needs to go home.ahihi. I didn't know that it was her bro's birthday. So, she go ahead first then i followed her after. Yeah, what you see in the glass in the pic is beer.*biggrin* And the guy there beside me is her brother, his younger than arianne though.=P I've eaten some pinoy food again and her mom baked a cake. yummm...

None of my friends in the Philippines greeted me except for my bestfriend. I guess its not really a big deal for them. Anyway, for me its ok! yeah..not a big deal too! oh, my stalker texted me early in the morning. He is the same stalker that arianne and glenna had before. So it means, the three of us had the same stalker.haha!...ewww!

I'm supposed to write this last night, but then i dont know what happened.lolz! After chatting with boo i told myself im gonna lay down on my bed and rest for a while. After an hour, i woke up and have seen the light coming from my laptop but then i closed my eyes again and sleep.hahaha! I dont know why i feel so sleepy and tired because it will be a real miracle for me to sleep that early how matter how tough my day was.

Anyways, im feeling sad right now. I can't chat with him now, not like how we used too. But its ok, i understand. Sometimes there are certain reason that we really have to accept. This time its for real! =( hayyy...

I better go now, i need to pack my things. Will be out this weekend again, gonna spend it with my half sister in Ravenna. arrggh! 5hours of travel from Milan to Ravenna, my ass will gonna be sick again for the long hours of sitting. mamma mia!

Have a good friday! hmm....and weekend too! =) I would like to thank my blogger friends, those who greeted, tagged, commented and visited my blog. And thanks that you all liked my new layie!bwahaha..im gonna leave it for the moment. I'm still thinking what will be my next layie. Thanks guys! mwahh...

thanks to karen for this gift...

Excess: *i miss you =(...love you!*

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:56 PM

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

haha...I've got a new layie again. But..i guess it will only be for the Valentine's day!lolz. Just feel like making one. Hope you like it guys! *wink*

Who has a date on Valentines day?hmm...i dont have any date, anybody who wants to go out with me?lolz. If im going out that day im sure i'll be going out with yana or my mami and papi. No choice at all!!!haha...poor me!*devil's laugh*

I really dont have much stories to tell or mayb im just being lazy.*biggrin* I almost got an accident today. I was inside the bus and a man entered. I was leaning at one side then the driver suddenly break and damn! the man pushed me. I almost got myself on the floor! Too good there is a lady in fron of me and i got to lean on her. I know she go hurt too, but i said sorry. But the guy who pushed me did not. errr! It's like his saying it's my own fault. ASSHOLE! Anyway, i gave him that *scary look* lolz! I hope he got scared though, but i guess no!haha. Well, i guess sometimes we really need to encounter those "BIG assholes" in the street. So, beware of them guys and don't get hurt. *wink*

Oh, i forgot to tell you about the other story that happened to me last Saturday. I know my other blogger friends still remember about it. About the robber in the bus thing. And now, i've seen another one. haha! Me and my mom where doing some shopping, its like "tiangge" in the Philippines with the "ukay-ukay" thing.lolz. Then there was this black guy who was doing "ukay-ukay". I was looking for some sale clothes on it, i saw him he was holding that bikini set and a shirt i guess. I didn't mind him at all becuase i never thought that he'll gonna do it. But then when i turned my eyes once again "oh! mami, look at the black guy his stealing something." He was looking at me and my mom then he left. Then suddenly my mom: "hey miss, the black guy stole something." And the owner shouted and asked him to go back. They look at his hands and bags but the things aren't there anymore. Well, what he did is he threw the things on the ground. They didn't say anything or did anything to him they just let them go. Then a passer by have seen and took the things from the ground. And take it to the owner. Oh well, im really a magnet to those "robbers" and "shoplifters" or maybe im really just a "keen observer".lolz

I'd like to greet
TINA a very Happy beeday! Goodluck to your thesis. I believe you'll gonna make it then you'll gonna finish your studies. awww! Wish you all the best sis! take care always and May God bless you and your family.mwah!

That will be all for now. Have a good week ahead of you. take care and enjoy!

Happy Valentines day!

**im gonna miss that "to the left, to the left..." i always got this last song syndrome, but i need to change the layie.**

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:02 AM

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Finally! I got the chance to touch and sit in front of my computer. It's been a really busy day. =)

I worked this morning and told my boss im going to leave work early.haha! I told her i've got some business to do outside.lolz! Honestly, i talked to my mom friday night and asked her if she can go with me you know...to SHOP! awww... because it will be the last days of the winter sale. But before going out we called up the Philippines, talked to my grandma. She's doing fine and my bro is there for almost two weeks now. I told grandma that im gonna play lottery this week.haha! It will be my grandpa's birthday and i will try to bet his numbers.lolz! Well, i used to do that because i used to dream about him before his birthday meaning im going to church to offer some candles for him and a prayer. And im gonna bet some for the lottery, i already won some from the past years using his number. Im really just a lucky dog!*biggrin*

We did alot of shopping today! =D I guess its my lucky day. I have bought lots of things today that i really wanted to buy. Like the Converse shoes, most of the stores doesnt have the sale price for it because the shoes is on season for the spring and soo in demand for everybody. I tried looking for it in every shop i passed by. And yeah, i found a good one!haha..and damn! all different styles and color are there...and lucky me i got that one with a good sale price! weeee... Then finally after waiting for some weeks i was able to buy that sweat shirt. Stars are everywhere soo soo in demand. Shirts, earrings, shoes, headbands, bracelets and other things. And luckily again, i've got that one in a cheaper price!lolz. "patience is a virtue".haha! I have spent a lot today buying all my stuffs, but then i guess its all worth the price. I just knew it mah boo is gonna ask me "i thought your broke, and how come you were able to buy all those."*raising his eyebrows* oh well, girls...girls..girls..are really "shoppaholic"...period! *devils laugh* yeah, you see im wearing those glasses already. I've already wrote about it on my other post. I need to put them when im using the computer which is i "ALWAYS" do. I used to spend the rest of the day just in front of my lappytappy. Chat, surfing and updating my sites. hmm..it helps though because i dont really feel like my eyes are that tired anymore. I just hope that i will still maintain my good eyes sight. Because i really dont like to put glasses either contact lens. My eyes are so small and i feel irritated with those.

After the shopping galore, we ate dinner and i started doing some chores. It's funny though because at pass 11pm i've got this mood to clean our bathroom. I thought of doing that because tomorrow will be sunday, i really dont have any plans to go out. It will be a 100% sure that my ass will be out of my bed really, really, really late. lolz! Sunday is the only day that i can have rest soo nobody really disturbs me.hehe! And arianne will be coming here so i need to accomodate her. I invited her to have lunch with us and then another friend of papi will be coming over too. Soo crazy me! when i feel like doing something i really have to do it especially when it comes to chores. Even if its already midnight i tried to finish everything. "Just do whatever you can do today, than doing it tomorrow!". ampf! i really dont kno if the quote is right..haha! im sorry guys, my mom is already sleeping so i cant ask her about it. Just correct me if im wrong. LMAO!

My half sister is supposed to be here tomorrow, i called her up and said they can't come. Oh, thank God! Its not that i dont want her to be here its just because we have just a short time to be together and i know it will be hard for her also. She has two kids and it took them 2hours and a half to reach Milan. So I know it will just give them a lot fo stress. Well, papi have decided that we will be the one to go there and visit them at Ravenna next week. Yeah, next week will be stressful...from work then need to travel.

By the way, thanks for those who have left their comments and those who tagged. I really appreciate them! Thanks for reading my posts and for all the understanding and patience you showing me. thankss a lot! Hope you all always come back to my site and visit it. mwaah!

Time for me to go. Haven't talk to my mahboo yet. I know his having his test for now and i wish him goodluck. I miss you boo and love you. mwahh..Hope to talk to you soon.

Take are guys! Have a good sunday! Keep on rockin' <3

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
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Thursday, February 08, 2007

weee...this is my 50th post since i started my blog last October 2006! =) it could be more i guess if im not that busy and always tired of my work. And im gonna keep on writing whatever happens.

I really don't know what to right now, but i will try to make it worth reading for.hehe! I dont have much stories or maybe im not really in the mood to write one recently thats why it took me some days to update this again.

My wednesday morning is kindah disaster.haha! I forgot to put my alarm last night, so meaning i woke up late. VERY LATE! errr... I'm supposed to wake up at 6:10am but then i was awaken by the voice of my mom calling me "ychel, ychel, wake up!". I open my eyes an darn! 8:13am..wtf?! I really don't know what to do first..this is the first time to happen to me.i never wake up this late for work. Oh well, there's always the first time!grrr... What i did is i called up my boss and tried to reason out. I told her i'm gonna be late for work because i really had a bad headache this morning so i was not able to wake up early.haha! lolzzz.. But then she replied: "its ok ychel, you can come anytime you want. You can come even a bit late if u want." haha! damn, im really lucky to have a boss like her. what you think?

It will be my grandpa's birthday on the 16th of February. My cousins have just celebrated it last sunday at our house in the province where my grandma lives. For me, its really sad. Why? My grandpa died 3years ago. We are already here when he died and we cant go home that easy by that time. =( Im a grandpa's girl and im his favorite of all his grandchildren. I remember my mom tellin me, of all the grandchildren i was the oly one whom he took care of when i was little. I'm the only baby whom he carried on his arms and cradle me to sleep. When my grandma needs to go to the market she will just leave me to my grandpa and he will watch over me. He make sure i dont cry. I grew up together with my cousins in the province for 3years i guess, then transfer to Manila and live my whole life there till i get my ass here in Italy.

Grandpa stood up like my father since i dont have it after i was born, or i mean his not always with us. He makes sure grandma gives me everything i want, every little thing i want. They treat me like a princess, maybe because im the youngest in his first set of grandchildren. I can say i've enjoyed my childhood years i experience those things that normal children does. Run, eat, play and cry in the street with my childhood friends. Play in the morning, siesta in the afternoon, have my snack ready when i woke up and then play again. Im not really a grandpa's girl actually, im also grandmas' too. When my grandma gives everybody money, she will give them 50pesos and the same with me but she will give me 50pesos twice. haha! and nobody knows about it!shhh..*biggrin* Then my grandpa will ask me if my grandma have already given me the money and if i said yes he will ask how much. Then he will call my grandma and say "give more to my favorite girl".hehe! one of the proof that im a "certified grandpa's girl".

I miss him badly! I told him to wait for me untill i get back and visit him again but he left.=( I know he is happy now wherever he is. But i miss him soo bad! if i only knew that he will be gone that time i should have hugged him and feel him before we leave the Philippines. But nobody knew about it, its Him who planned it. So all i need to do is to accept it even it hurts. He will be 80 years old this year. So i dedicate this blog to him. He has been one of my inspiration eversince and i would like to thank him.

"tatay, thanks for all the love and care you have given me as well as with the whole family. I know you are happy wherever you are now. You will be our one and only tatay, nothing will replace you in our hearts. We love you so much!"

Opppss..im sori, i guess my post is kindah sad again. But i hope you like the story, im not the only one i know. Most of us are grandpa's and grandma's girl/boy. We all have different stories, memorable stories about our grandparents.

I better go now. It's getting late and yeah, i wont forget to put my alarm tonight.lolz! I'll make sure of it this time. haha! Or else im gonna get busted.lolz...

Take care guys...mwah! I miss mah boo =(

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:27 AM

Friday, February 02, 2007

Thank God it's friday!

After a long week of working days..weee...time to relax. Arianne tagged me and in consequence i also have to share 5 secrets ( or more!haha) depending on my mood. So, sit back and relax. *biggrin*

1. I've got this secret scar on my face. Above my right cheek you will see a small scar not that noticeable though. I got it when i was 1year old and a half , my mom told me. =P I was playing upstairs with my cousins (house in our province) and still don't know how to walk that time. I'm still crawling at the floor. They put an empty box over my body, yeah enough to cover me as a whole. They didn't know that i was crawling around i was so fast and without them knowing they have seen me down the stairs crying with the blood on my cheeks flowing.errr! scary! Well, they were scolded by my grandpa, remember im Grandpa's girl. =P

2. When they put me on the table before eating, automatic im gonna pee. haha! unique..right? My mom told me about it and i laugh my ass out. I'm about 8months or older by that time. I need lots of attention because im starting to crawl and everything. Carriers are still not available by that time, so when it is time to eat they have to bring me in the table and let me seat there. But before they eat they have to clean my pee first. lolz! because when my mom puts me there, im gonna start to shower them with my holy water. ROFL!!!! bless them lord....lolz!

3. My mom likes to eat toasted food when she was still pregnant with me. You can see the proof, whatever happens the color of my skin is like a color of a toasted bread.lolz! She likes to eat toasted pandesal, toasted galunggong (one kind of pinoy fish) and hmm..as long as the food is toasted.haha! that's why im the only "negra" in the family. lolz...

4. I was a real "bully" since i was a kid. Me and my bro are famous because my grandpa is known by many people in our place. So, we feel like were superiors in the place. I used to wear babies undies without the top and same with my brother. Were like the "kanto kids". haha! Then when we see a kid crossing the street were gonna spread our arms and say "hey you kid, you cannot pass here this is our place. go away!!!". Then the poor kid will have to find another way crying along the way home.Then we will hide immediately because in a while the mother of this kid will come to our house and tell my grandma about it. lolzzz..

5. I got an award when i graduated on my daycare. The "most healthy" award. *shyness* yeah, its true and i feel really shy about it. I admit im a really cute fatty girl when i was little. They serve food to us at our recess time like gulaman, mamon, champorado, sopas and the like. When my teacher asks "who want more?", im gonna raise my hand and go directly at our teacher to get more food. lolz! Maybe thats the reason why i've got that award. I eat alot and was a healthy little girl. hmm..i deserve it! LMAO!

oppsss...i guess this is enough..but i want to add another one..*biggrin*

6. Like arianne and tina, i used to talk with my ownself. When im alone i talk to myself especially when im at work and doing my things. I dont know, i have too many things on my mind then while im doing it most of the times i talk at the same time. Then there are times when im about to call a certain person i used to make my own dialogue. lolz! but at least im not the only one who does it. =D

There you go guys, those are some of my secrets.haha! If it is possible to write 10 im gonna make it 15. ROFL! jokes....

We will be out of town this weekend, but im gonna bring along my baby with me so i can still update. Don't you worry!*wink* Thanks for tagging me arianne, this was fun and i really thought of what i should write. haha! time to reveal something about yourself.
take care guys! have a nice and fun weekend! mwah...
Im tagging: romina, mitch, peter,lara, lyka

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