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Sunday, December 31, 2006


hi guys! It's New years eve here right now. I'm out of town with my family, im here at my cousin's place at Bergamo. We will celebrate our New Years here.=)

I can smell what papi is cooking for our dinner tonight i mean for the New Years Eve. hmm..we will have pasta with meat and then baked potatoes and sausages that is what i have seen in the kitchen a while ago.hehe! I've got nothing to do here that is why im writing a blog..err! and too good i've brought my laptop so i can chill for a while and check what is gioing on out there.

I just finished chatting with my boo.=D We greeted each other and asked what will gonna be doing this evening.hehe! I've also got some messages from my friends who greeted me for the New year and yeah also greeted me in advance for my bday.haha! I guess some of them are just lazy or maybe afraid of forgetting my special day!hehe.

We will have dinner tonight and then before the New year comes we will go down of the house to have some fireworks.awww! Then at 2pm im gonna be out with my cousin. We will be going at the place where she works and we will go dancing and drinking.haha! I hope the night would be great..i mean the start of my new year!

I'm gonna post some of my special events with my past year..haha! =p as if! im gonna do some reminiscing thing. =) SO i guess i better go for now. I will just post another blog if i can.

take care guys! thanks for those who tagged..keep on tagging.=) i'll see you around!mwaHHH...


Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
8:29 PM

Saturday, December 30, 2006

BAD hair day! =D

hiers! howdy?...

The title says it all...haha! I've got a Bad hair day today...isn't that shows im vaiinn!nah..of course im not.*biggrin*

It's 0° degrees today! hmm...but no, not yet snowing here in the city. Still foggy in the morning and dark most of the day. Need to pull out those wools, gloves, cap and leg warmers to keep the body warm...damn why is it there is a Winter Season? oh well...

I decided not to work tomorrow, im not feeling well. I guess im having a slight fever and getting colds. Still have not called my boss yet so i guess she'll gonna freak out tomorrow when i sent her a message saying im not coming over. And i know it will be a big deal because next week it will be a Holiday. =D haha! because its gonna be my bee-day!weeee...It's gonna be my silver day!...hehe! =P

I don't have work this afternoon and i have just promised to go at yani's place. So after finishing my work this morning i hurried home, did some chores and prepared for going out. Of course, i prepared my digicam controlled the batteries and the memory card because the two CAMWHORE will have some vain moments again. *biggrin*

I have brought some pastries for yana, i hope they like it. hehe! I dont have any gift for her family and they used to treat me really special when i go visit yana so to appreciate their kindness. They are like my second family here. I ate dinner together with her sis and yeah had some pinoy food today =D Lumpia with ground beef and the other one is with veggies then the "giniling" together with the rice. awww! i really enjoyed it. Gonna come back again.haha!

I chilled for some hours at yani's place chitchatting, gossiping, girl thingies and of course our fave past time..CAMWHORING! hehe..it's obvious right?! so, i guess i dont need to elaborate it.=D

Well, i really had fun today. Having a bad hair day did not stop me from possing on the cam. And yeah, didn't you notice that rossy cheeks? haha, its because im feeling sick. It is really funny, nothing can ever beat us when it comes to being a so-called "PIC ADDICTS"!

Some people is gonna be celebrating the New Year in 24 hours from now. So im gonna greet you all in advance...Happy New Year! Have a prosperous and peaceful 2007!

take care guys! i'll see you around..mwah!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
2:20 AM

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Christmas Day!

hi guys! how's your christmas? well, for me it's my first christmas with what you call "family". Its my first time to spend the christmas eve with my new family, i mean with my new dad. But still far away from the whole family in the Philipppines, my brother, cousins, grandma and relatives.

We have spent the night the other way, yeah because this time it is the italian tradition of christmas eve. Papi have cooked for our dinner and we have a guest, his friend Gianni. We ate our dinner altogether at 8pm. After that we have waited until 12 midnight to go at the church and hear the mass. Actually, i thought im gonna spend the night alone because my mom says she's feeling really sleepy and papi is a bit tired. So i decided to go alone at the church, but then papi said he will accompany me and so did mami. hehe! I feel happy by then, i didn't expect that my christmas eve will still be the same like we used too. Christmas eve is important for me, it is the time that i can talk to God and thank him for all the blessings he had given me all throughout the year.

After hearing the mass, the church gave us some candles. The priest said that we will put it on our windows. A sign that Jesus is our light and savior. Then we go at the church's oratorium to eat some "panettone", "pandoro" and wine. Those are italians special bread on holidays, it serves as sweets for them.

When i got home, i just chat and chill.hehe! I spend the rest of the night chatting with my boo, i slept at 4am. =D

At christmas day, i woke up late. And i just remembered we will have lunch at my papi's friends house. So i have to hurry up and dress up to make it on time. Damn trains! they arrive every 30mins. since it is holiday. oh well...

Something happened along the way, in that couple of minutes. It made me feel sad and hurt, but then nevermind. Im just upset because it happened on christmas day, i even cried while we are having our lunch. errr...well, just what like yana said: "Expect the unexpected".

Besides on my dramatic thing, i had fun at least for the moment. We took some pics and had fun eating.haha! Papi cooked lots of foods for our lunch. But then i have to leave early to go at yani's place to bring her small present.=P

I came over to yana's place, to good i did not wait that long for the train to come. I arrived there on time, because i have to leave early. The train will stop their service at 7pm so i need to catch it up if not i cannot reach home.hehe!

I had fun staying there with yana, its like we haven't seen each other for a month.haha! Neverending stories, the laughs and everything. I ate some pinoy food again. wow! Then after the talks before i leave we have the "vain" moments. =D I took off my digicam and ta tannn!!! We took alot of pics and yeah we really had fun. And yana gave me my present, im touched! =P thanks yani baby.=) mwah...

I have to leave eventhough i don't want too. But anyway, i can always come back there. Everything is back to normal at home. Mami who is busy doing her things around the house and papi is calling all his friends and everybody in the family to greet them Merry Christmas for the last time. I've just changed my clothes and then climb up here on my own sanctuary to chat and chill. Oh, by the way i have beaten my record this year staying online for 17hours but this time i have made it 21hours. haha! i know it's kindah crazy. but i did!*wink*

I've got some pics there to show you. Hope you like them and if you want to see more just visit my other site from multiply
click here or try looking at it on my links entitled "d' dreamer". It will still be a holiday here 26 December so i can still stay on bed untill late. weee! But i dont know if we will be visiting my cousins at Bergamo. Anyway, we will see.

I hope you all had a good one too. =) I'll see you guys again. I got to go. take care always.mwah!

Merry Christmas for the last time! =)

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:34 AM

Sunday, December 24, 2006

NEW layie!!!

aha! finallllllly! i've got my new layout! hehe!

i made it myself..=D But then i want to thank my yani baby for all the help. =) thanks for the neverending patience.haha!

i'll be back blogging again, its xmas time and got some extra time. Holiday..yahoo!

i'll see you guys later. It is almost 4am now. want to go to my bed and get some sleep. =P

Hope you like my new layie. just want it to be simple.

take care guys! meri xmas. =D

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
3:42 AM

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I should...

...be strong!


...go on with my life!

Help me!....all i can do is pray and ask for his help, his guidance and the hopes. Help me, God! Please...help me!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
2:05 AM

Monday, December 11, 2006

One "F&"3=^%" sunday! =D

Hiers! errr...actually it's already monday morning, 12:35am to be exact. And it was like "HELL" here at home.

My mom was shouting and screaming! She is pissed and was really angry. WHY? she said because of me. Well, i dont know if the reason was really valid and everything just came up and she talks all this shit about..blah..blah..blah...

When they arrived, they were talking if they will still have to eat the dinner. Papi said he just like some milk and the same with her. They were arranging the things that they have bought at the "fiera". They even got pissed on me at first because i dont mind them i just keep on chatting and do my things up here. They said im not really interested about the things that they have bought me. So i just keep quiet, i did not hear papi is calling me and telling me to go down and look what they have bought me.

Finally, they are done. Mami prepared her milk and i go down to eat some pasta. Papi have told her 3 times that he doesn't like pasta because it is already late, even told her 2times that he wanted some milk. W hen mami saw me with the plate of pasta, she said: "oh, why didn't you prepared something for papi?". I've answered her: "You really don't understand what have papi told you? you don't understand nothing!". She goes at the kitchen and prepared papi's milk. I was telling papi that why is mami like that. She didn't remember the things we tell her, and then i've made a joke. "Oh, is it really like that when your getting old?" then i gave papi a biggrin.

When she came back from the kitchen, she was really pissed shouting, screaming and banging all the things. Then she said it is my fault..EVERYTHING! and im the only one who is intelligent, the one who is good and "KNOWS EVERYTHING!". I got shocked, i did not know what she is talking about. She said she got offended on what i have said earlier. Well, honestly i did not mean to offend her. She makes her own problem and thinks of that way. I just cannot think why didn't she understand what have papi said. Telling her 3 times isn't enough? I'm not telling her that she didn't know anything or understand anything. It is her problem, she doesn't think of what papi is telling her most of the times. And im not saying that im intelligent.

Then she brought up everything again. She even told me that papi wants me out of this house. Oh well, it would be really really fine with me if that will happen. Papi is pissed off because where talking in tagalog and he doesn't understand anything. I told papi what mami is saying. Mami said papi is complaining about me, A LOT!!! she wants me to be out of this house long time ago. Telling me im so rude, pretending that im so intelligent and knows everything, im conceited, im not doing anything and im lazy. Im gonna be thankful if im gonna live my own life, thats the truth!

I would love to go out of this house and live my own life. I would feel better if that will happen. I would be happier and contented! I told papi that he should tell me if there is something wrong with me. If he doesn't want me living here then i will leave. It would not be easy for me but i would love too!

Tears just fell down on my eyes. I didn't want to offend her and doesn't mean anything bad on what ive said. She is the one who gives a bad meaning on it. I feel sorry and at the same time mad because i was hurt again. Just this week was really a bad one for me then till the end.

Everybody just shut up immediately! I hope its always like this, nobody is talking now. You will just hear the door banging and the things that are falling down and makes noise. Damn! would you all give me a break and give me even just a fucking second peace of mind. Im hurting...

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
12:30 AM

Thursday, December 07, 2006

"love me or hate me?" (part III)

Ola! my second blog for the day! ahihi...

I should not be here at home by now, should be hanging out with some "friends". =P Oh well, i prefer to stay at home the weather is not that good. It's raining outside and cold.

Early this afternoon, i have decided to go at yana's place but i have changed my mind. Actually, i have changed my mood after i have talked with ikay. aha! getting rude! We chatted and cleared out things after a few days without any communication. I have talked with mike too. "a me, tutto chiaro. magari questo è un'altra cosa e ancora lei non capisce." errr...

She asked me if i want to go out with them. I said yes at the first time, then changed my mind another time. Finally i decided not to go out! She told me that she doesnt want to see me for a while and so am i. Still need some more space..space..and time..time..time! I dont know if im doing the right thing now. I shouldn't be posting this thing.

I just want to release this whatever im feeling. This is my only outlet eventhough im talking with other friends and hear their advices.

I need to stop, this is not right!

Thanks for all the help guys! you all know who you are..thanks for always being here with me!thanks a lot!thanks!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
9:20 PM

"love me or hate me?" (part II)

ahuh..im here again! and here is the second part...

Finally, i've already wrote whatever i have inside of me. I have expressed and burst out everything...hmmm..still got more i guess. But this will be a book if im going to write it all up.haha!

A friend commented on my blog last night. I wrote her a letter and tried to cleared out things. I've texted her once more this afternoon and got the answer. She decided not to see me for a while, for us to have some space. At least for us to think of more of the possibilties of what solutions and to understand more what to do about the current situation.

Things have been gone complicated but i know there is always a way for us to go out and find the best solution. I will wait for the right time to come, untill the time we will be all happy again. For now, i will be back with my normal life. Work, home, eat, chat, watch tv and sleep.

I was happy two weeks ago. Go out and hangout with some new friends, but suddenly it turned out to a new darker days.(as always!) Oh well, life has been the hardest thing to deal with. But im gonna rock with it!

Friends are the most precious thing i have in my life. I treasure them, keep them and love them like myself. And sometimes, more than to myself. I care for them like my family, a sister or a brother and all are my bestfriends eventhough they have their own personalities. I always make sure that i understand every little thing about them. I don't want them getting hurt, when they are sad and in pain i can feel double. I always want them happy and contented, im willing to give and share everything i have. I pamper them, i like spoiling them and be with them all the time.

I will always be here...willing to listen, to comfort and give a shoulder to cry on. I will still be the same just like before. I will always be the "ychel" you have known for the first time.


Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
3:19 PM

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

"love me or hate me?"

hi guys! nice to be back blogging again!...my post might contain some drama, bad words and stories that you may not like. Anyway, if you don't want to read it then just leave my blogsite immediately without saying anything or leave some tag lovin and love me back, my pleasure. I'm just releasing all this SHIT!

This happens very rare to me, maybe just once in an entire year. Or if it is really bad then twice or more times, it depends. I don't lose my patience easily, i have enough of it. But yeah, shit keeps on coming so this time i've lost it. It has come to an end!

I hate PARASITES! Sorry, i'm starting to get rude i guess. I've been once like that before and i have thought it isn't good. So i tried changing it as soon as possible i could. Damn, being a parasite is annoying! I'm not saying im good or perfect because nobody is! I'm just being real.

I'm pissed, i don't know why. Shit keeps on happening and coming all the time. I just thought of letting it go maybe time will come it will stop on its own. how i wish!

I'm not selfish, im not rude but why there are people who treats me that way. They don't want me to be happy. Want to see me down and falling.

Jealousy, a word that my parents had never ever thought of us. It will lead to a very bad situation if not controlled. It can destroy relationships with friends, with boyfriends/ girlfriends or even your loved ones.

I've never talked to anybody for the last two days, didn't chat and didnt answer any phone calls. I want to keep silent for the moment, i want some peace. There are some certain reasons and i would just keep it to myself. People might think im acting so different, not the way i used too. Because lots of my friends knew that im so open and talk to whatever i am feeling. yeah, but not most of the time. There are very few of them who really knew me, even just a blink of my eye. The way i uttered words and how i simply act.

Im not good enough for myself and i'm not saying for them to hail on me. I'm just being me! I have the right to do whatever i wanted to do. I have the freedom to say whatever i want to. I can act the way i wanted as long as i'm not hurting anybody else. So , just give me my freedom! And i will give yours!

"Life is like a dick, when it gets hard fuck it!" .... yeah, this is true. I've been having this problem about my legitimation papers. My biological father doesn't want to give his consent to do the documents that i need. oh well, im old enough to handle this things. I will ask and do the right actions for this. I dont want to suffer again like what had happened in my past. I want to live a new life that is full of hope and happiness for me and my future family.

For mike and ikay, i did not answer all your calls nor chat with you because i want to be alone for a while. I'm trying to find myself. I know i act strangely towards the both of you. And don't worry, i'll be fine. I'm gonna talk with you guys soon.

Maybe by now, you know who "ychel" really is. Unpredictable and a FREAKY bad ass girl! You will never know what is on my mind. But im sincere, trustworthy and cool! So don't ever JUDGE me! Try digging me up and you'll find out my depth!

True friends will understand me and some others will just think that this is like a drama. oh well, i just can't please everybody! Try to put yourself on my place and try to feel what i am feeling and then tell me how BAD it was.

So, you have two choices: love me or hate me? *wink*

bye guys, i got to go! i'll see you again!...mwah!

Y Make me yours tonight, let me die in your arms;
4:55 PM

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